Romance Proofreading Workbook


Practice your proofreading skills with this original romance proofreading workbook, written exclusively for you! Spot as many errors as you can and check them with the answer key.

Original Story +
Easy-To-Use Answer Key

This charming and heartfelt story centers around Hadley and Adam, who, despite living through deep losses, discover that hope never dies. Can they let go of their pain in order to find happiness? Gain experience working with romance in this love story set on a ranch in Colorado.

Gain Experience Proofreading Romance

Romance is the most popular genre for book sales, and is also in high demand, which means proofreaders who are experienced with the genre are in demand. Gain experience with this SFW charming love story!

Work Like A Pro

This workbook will give you the experience of proofreading for an author or publishing house. You’ll work with a style guide in order to reference preferences and guidelines, and work to maintain the client’s style.

Develop Your Skills

The more practice you have, the stronger your skills. Increasing your exposure to content and honing your eagle eyes will increase your ability to catch errors at a quicker rate and to improve your workflow, which ultimately leads to more money.

Do You Want To Know What It's Like Proofreading Romance?

If you’ve always dreamed of working with romance books, here’s your chance to get first-hand experience!

Our 10,000 word romance novelette was written specifically to help you refine your proofreading skills. It’s full of errors waiting for you to catch! With this exercise book you take on the role of proofreader, the last stop for catching errors before a book is published.

You’ll go through the process of adhering to a style guide and working with a fully developed story that has already gone through other edits.

Have Fun!


Romance Proofreading Workbook

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