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Gain Proofreading Experience

This workbook was written specifically to help you refine your proofreading skills. It’s full of errors waiting for you to catch! With this exercise book, you are the proofreader, the last stop for catching errors before a book is published. When you’re ready to check your work, just use the one-click answer key. Yes, it’s that easy!

As part of your workbook experience, you’ll go through the process of following a style guide and working with a fully developed story that has already gone through other edits. That’s professional experience, all at your own pace.

What You Can Expect

This Paranormal Proofreading Workbook Is For You If:

  • You constantly read and enjoy spotting errors in text.
  • You’re already a proofreader and want to improve your process.
  • You’d love a workbook that exercises your abilities at your own pace.
  • You want to work with original content just like publishing.
  • You crave a good story and would like to gain experience working with paranormal fiction.

Practice Proofreading Anywhere!

Our digital proofreading workbooks are designed to work on all devices using FREE software. Practice at your own pace!

Want To Know What It's Like Proofreading Paranormal Fiction?

If you’ve always dreamed of working with paranormal stories, here’s your chance to get first-hand experience!

The Haunted Library was written specifically to help you refine your proofreading skills and to increase your exposure to this popular genre. Take on the role of proofreader and catch as many errors as you can in this workbook.

Have Fun!


Practice Your Skills With This Paranormal Proofreading Workbook

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