Fantasy Proofreading Workbook


Practice your digital proofreading skills with this original fantasy proofreading workbook. Gain experience working with industry standards, all at your own pace.

Original Story +
Easy-To-Use Answer Key

Titan & Eo is an original fantasy short story about a young girl who longs to know what lies beyond the high walls that surround her village. But as a farmer’s daughter, all she can do is dream of the old days of magic. That is, until one fateful day when nature acts up and Eo discovers what she thought was gone forever.

Gain Experience Proofreading Fantasy

Fantasy is one of the fastest growing genres in the publishing industry. Fantasy is also a popular subgenre in categories like young adult, romance, and historical.

Work Like A Pro

This workbook gives you experience proofreading short fiction, which is one of the most popular categories in eBook sales, especially with self-published writers, because of their easy-to-read nature.

Develop Skills

The more practice you have, the stronger your skills. Increasing your exposure to content and honing your eagle eyes will increase your ability to catch errors at a quicker rate and to improve your workflow, which ultimately leads to more money.

Why Exercising Your Proofreading Skills Is So Important

Here’s your chance to get first-hand experience working with fantasy fiction. Our 6,000 word fantasy short story was written specifically to help you refine your proofreading skills and to increase your exposure to this popular genre. Take on the role of proofreader and catch as many errors as you can in this workbook.

Have fun!


Proofreading Workbook

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