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Practice proofreading with our innovative proofreading workbooks.

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Our proofreading workbooks comes with best-practice guides and instructions so you can focus on maintaining a writer’s style, just like working with an author or publishing house. Practice anywhere on any device!

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All our workbooks come with original stories written in the most popular genres. Proofreaders with experience in these genres are in high demand. Put the experience under your belt and elevate your proofreading status.

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Catching errors is one thing, but missing them is another. Every workbook comes with a one-click answer key so you can reveal errors on any page, easily! No pressure here, work at your own pace and have fun. ​

Catch the errors in these original stories!

Two Days In The Woods

This charming and heartfelt story centers around Hadley and Adam, who, despite living through deep losses, discover that hope never dies. Can they let go of their pain in order to find happiness? Gain experience working with romance in this love story set on a ranch in Colorado.

Titan And Eo

Titan & Eo is an original fantasy short story about a young girl who longs to know what lies beyond the high walls that surround her village. But as a farmer’s daughter, all she can do is dream of the old days of magic. That is, until one fateful day when nature acts up and Eo discovers what she thought was gone forever.

The Haunted Library

The Haunted Library is a dramatic paranormal story about Brevity, a young woman whose favourite place in the world is her local library. Not only is it full of books, but also…ghosts. As she grows up, the ghosts become like family — until one day when an evil presence disturbs the library’s peace and keeps patrons away. Now it’s up to Brevity to make her beloved library feel like home again, but can she do it?

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