Our Students Have Transformed Their Love For Words Into The Businesses Of Their Dreams

Get inspired by their editorial businesses, and the freedom that comes with it.

“I truly enjoy what I’m doing. I’ve unleashed creative powers I never knew I had inside me. But most of all, the freedom that a freelancer life has given me is simply invaluable.”

Bori Hoffbauer

Bori Hoffbauer Editorial OÜ

“Having a career that fits within my lifestyle is amazing. Being able to provide value and help others is just as amazing. I’ve connected with so many great people since starting my business. I feel very blessed and grateful.”

Lakeisha Cadogan

Lakeisha Bell Cadogan

“I love the freedom of setting my own schedule and being able to spend time with my family. Also, I love what I do. I love connecting with the author’s intention and voice and translating it, in a way, to the people who connect with that content. The feeling of correcting and polishing a written work is so incredibly satisfying!”

Sandra Wester

Sand West Edit

“By working from home, I am able to be here for my mother, whom I take care of, when she needs it, and this has also given me the opportunity to build a business and bring in an income after my own illness prevented me from working a normal nine-to-five.”

Christopher Daprona

Alphabitz Editing


“It’s given me more freedom to spend time with my friends and family which I had neglected when I was working away as a live-in nanny. Now, I can pick and choose my hours. It’s had a positive impact on my mental health, and I am so much happier working at a job that I love. I wish I had made the choice to quit my full-time job earlier because I am doing what I’ve always wanted to do.”

Harriet James

“It’s given me the flexibility to grow my family comfortably and securely.”

Destiny Henry

Alexandria Literary

“It has given me the freedom to travel with my husband while being able to maintain my business.”

Karen Bates

Quill & Ink Editing Services

“It’s such a fun side gig for me! I love all the clients I work with, and I love the flexibility to work with people and projects I enjoy. There are so many diverse writers in need of editors right now; I’m just happy to be a small part of that world. I plan to make editing a full-time endeavor eventually, but starting out it’s nice to let my business grow slowly and to truly connect with my core clientele.”

Anna Nelson

Anna Nelson Edits

“My days are filled with helping share other people’s stories and collaborating with creatives on projects I never could have dreamed about a few months ago. My business feels like this wonderful extension of myself, and I couldn’t be more happy to work my own schedule, be surrounded by words all day long, and have the real opportunity to make a difference in other people’s lives.”

Rachel Garrett Mercer

Mercer Editorial Services

“It has given me confidence and a side hustle in my ‘empty nest’ years to do something I love! It is also nice to have an extra cash source.”

Chris Wheary

CM Wheary Copy Editing

“It has given me the freedom to do work I love and still be there 100% for my Autistic son. I can be completely hands on with him every day and never miss any of his therapies. It makes all the difference for our family! HLPP gave me the knowledge and, just as importantly, the confidence to start my own editorial business.”

Sara Adams

Sara Adams Editing

“I am excited to create this business doing something I love. I’d worked previously for 12 years as a legal assistant and have no interest in going back. I am now able to build my own business and contribute financially to my family.”

LaToya Turner

Creative Culture Editorial Services

“I launched my editorial business just before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and having the skills and strategies I learned in High-Level Proofreading Pro allowed me to find clients and market myself in a very stressful time. Having a freelance career has been invaluable in this financially unstable year.”

Aubry Bennett

A. Bennett Editing

“Running my business has given me so much more confidence than I’ve ever had before; I feel as if I can take on the world.”

Nicole Martindale

Solutions Proofreading

“It has given me confidence to start my own business, which is something I never thought I would do.”

Ashley Balough

Wandering Rose Editorial

“It has given me a way to work from home and still make good money. It gives me a more positive outlook towards the future.”

Carol McCann


“I love being my own boss and setting my own hours. Working with authors has been such a rich experience. I get to read for a living!”

Margaret Fierstine

Reliance Editorial Services

“It has given me confidence and a side hustle in my ‘empty nest’ years to do something I love! It is also nice to have an extra cash source.”

Sheila Prochnow

S Prochnow Proofreader

“HLPP provided detailed information, step-by-step instructions, helpful suggestions, and a lot of resources to walk me through the process of starting an editorial business. This business has given me a ‘Plan B’ during the pandemic since I lost my former job due to COVID19.”

Kerri Bielma

Scribble and Proof

“I have started a second career.”

Rona Shirdan

Writing With EEEs

“I love knowing I helped an author believe in themselves, get clear on their message, and make their book the best it could be. It’s also been amazing working from home and being able to shape my own schedule.”

Laura Kaiser

Word Haven Editorial

“It has given me the opportunity to support myself, which has boosted my confidence.”

Elisabeth Ivey

Ivey Editing Services

“I appreciate the written word on a brand-new level! I have always loved to read and write, but now there’s a deeper impact as you’re helping others make a bigger statement than you could on your own.”

Daphne Griffith

“I enjoy being at home with my family and my puggle, Stella, more often, and I love the fact that I can set my own schedule and work as much as I want! I get to build my business up the way I want to, but I know I have great entrepreneurial friends, online colleagues, and Phon I can reach out to for any kind of advice.”

Celina Sell

Fox and Flowers Proofreading

“Having my own editorial business has been freeing! I love taking on clients as I’m able, championing them in their projects, and being able to build a schedule that works for me.”

Rebekah Smith

RK Smith Books

“It has given me the freedom to work remotely and to meet quite a number of people in a very short period of time.”

Monica Salirwe

Proofread It

“As a newly single mom, I am confident that my business will be able to support my daughter and myself as it grows. After being a one-income family for over 25 years, I needed this confidence to make necessary changes in my life. Having my editorial business allows me to provide for my family while also allowing me to work on my own terms.”

Heather Shamp Mitchell

Heathered Words

“It is my sole source of income since the pandemic started, so I would say it has impacted my life greatly!”

Vicky Haygood

Vicky Haygood Editorial and Book Design Services

“I am now proofreading full time, which is awesome! It has allowed me to set my own schedule and work when I want.”

Callie Walker

Proof Corrections by Callie

“Starting my own editorial business has made it possible for me to work from home, doing something that I enjoy.”

Lola Ayangbayi

Ruthless Editing

“It has given me the hope to realize my goal of becoming a stay-at-home grandma. I have the confidence and resources necessary to provide quality proofreading and light copy editing to my clients.”

Roberta Thorndike


“The idea of starting my editorial business has given me the strength to leave a part-time job I did not love and the hope that I, too, can do something I will love.”

Silvana Labombarda

“I have finally found a true career path for myself after being lost on the job field for too long. I finally know what I want to do as a profession and it makes me feel truly happy and fulfilled.”

Mariah Krist

Solutions Proofreading

“This is an exciting time in my life and I look forward to the opportunities ahead.”

Valerie Aliaga

Impeccable Content

“I am much happier now editing than I ever was in my 9-5 job. It gave me the opening I needed to get myself out of a tiresome, monotonous rut I’d been stuck in for years.”

Maria Chance

“It makes me happy. It gives me hope that I’ll be able to provide extra income for our family in the coming years.”

Michelle Merritt

Merritt Edits

“I found a job as a manuscript proofreader. It’s all freelance, so I can choose how busy I want to be. It’s great for a stay-at-home mom like me.”

Erin Kelly

Hawkeye Proofing

“I am now able to offer all that I learned as a service to my clients.”

Andrea Jasmin

ACJ Editorial Services

“I’ve just started, so right now I’m working on a couple of projects in exchange for testimonials. But I was able to gain these new clients immediately upon finishing the course, and they were quite happy to have someone for proofreading. Apparently there are a lot of people out there who say they can proofread who really can’t.”


“I learned the most important things about working with clients and why and how to market my services through social media! All of this skill and knowledge, gained in High-Level Proofreading Pro, has helped me begin my editorial business!”

Barbara Ridgely

Clarity Comm Solutions

“I have been able to use skills that my clients appreciate and earn a side income from home. I love the freedom and flexibility that comes with working for myself.”

Katy Schlomach

Bookhound Editing

“I’ve gained confidence in myself as a professional who has a valuable service to offer.”

Margot Cox

Upstate Proofreaders

“Starting my own business has helped me to create a space that I am more comfortable in and where I set the tone of the day, no matter what.”

Quin Clark

Quin Clark: Proofreading & Copy Editing Services

“I edit mostly dissertations and other academic papers. That means that I’ve gotten to work with clients at a critical point in their work, when they’re nervous and need support. I love that I can work for myself but still get to help people.”

Ellen Morgan

Ellen Morgan Consulting

“I love reading, and I have always liked helping people (my previous career was nursing). Proofreading and copyediting involve both of these!”

Andrea Baker

Proofreading by Andrea

“It has helped me provide for my family.”

Misha Carlstedt Robinson

Novel Words Editing

“I look forward to the flexibility! My plan is to build my editing business while continuing to work full time for now, then go full freelance in a couple years. Knowing I’m building a freelance career that will give me more flexibility when I need it motivates me every day.”

Meghan Lafferty

Meghan Lafferty Editing & Proofreading

“It’s opened a whole new world of possibilities for me! I’ve long had a dream of working with books; I just never knew what shape that was going to take. But this has made it all seem possible and so real! It has also forced me to expand my horizons and step out of my comfort zone.”

Jennifer Banman

The Write Words

“My editorial business gave me freedom – to earn, create my own schedule, set big goals and plan for things I would never have been able to afford by waiting on the same paycheck every month. I work how I want to when I want to, and I do what I love every day. That is freedom.”

Nadia Willie

The Scrutineer