If You Love What You're Doing, You Will Be Successful

Our students have transformed their dreams into real-world proofreading and editing careers, filled with freedom and prosperity. Curious where your love of words can take you?

“I like the flexibility! Being a freelancer, I can work when I want and I can take a break when I want to. I love the relationship with the client, and I love learning people’s stories.

This is what I plan to do when I’m done teaching. I’m going to take proofreading and editing full time.”

Julie Overpeck
Proofreader, Copy Editor, Line Editor
Mrs. O’s Library

“Having a career that fits within my lifestyle is amazing. Being able to provide value and help others is just as amazing. I’ve connected with so many great people since starting my business. I feel very blessed and grateful.

It’s also had a positive effect on my kids. I now have more time for them and to do things like bake treats. These days there is always something baking in my house. Muffins, fresh bread, cookies, you name it!”

Lakeisha Cadogan
Proofreader, Copy Editor, Line Editor, Developmental Editor
Lakeisha Bell Cadogan

“My editorial business has impacted my life because it gave me the freedom to work from anywhere and travel the world! In the past year I've been to nine countries while working, and all I've needed to work is my laptop and wifi. My business has also helped build my confidence because I've had to put myself out there, communicate with clients, and charge enough for my services to support myself.”

Nicole Marron
Proofreader, Copy Editor, Editor
Nicole Marron Editorial

“Wow! I get to earn an income by reading! I work with authors and writers from all over the world. I am constantly learning new things. I am able to help and encourage the writers I work with, which I find very fulfilling. I have the freedom to be in control of my schedule. I am able to take care of my parents and spend time with my grandchildren. My husband is happy to have me at home, too. 😍"

Roberta Thorndike
Proofreader, Copy Editor, Line Editor
Joyful One Editing

“It feels like I got my life back. Working at my previous 9-5 job, I was tired all the time, so that even when I had free time, I didn't have the energy to do fun stuff for myself. Now, my job is fun, and I get to create my own hours so that I can enjoy doing more of what I love in my free time. My whole outlook on life has completely changed.”

Maria Chance
Proofreader, Copy Editor, Editor
The Intuit Desk

“It's been incredible! Working a traditional job has proven challenging. Editing actually plays to my strengths and allows me to feel empowered and successful, while also lowering my stress levels, providing increasingly more income, and being fun! Writing and editing is something I've always been deeply passionate about, and helping other authors succeed is extremely fulfilling!”

Rebecca Sharpf
Proofreader, Copy Editor, Line Editor
Scrollwork Edits

“I get to do what I love. I’m connecting with so many different people. It’s helped me to gain a lot more confidence as far as a business owner and then as far as an editor. I am proud to say I have my business...and it is fruitful now. It’s really helped me to come out of my shell a lot and to say this is what I’m doing, and this is my business, and you should look at my business and tell your friends about it.”

Quin Clark
Proofreader, Copy Editor, Reviewer, Content Editor
Quin Clark Editorial Services

“My business has given me the ability to create the life I always imagined. My days are filled with helping share other people's stories and collaborating with creatives on projects I never could have dreamed about a few months ago. My business feels like this wonderful extension of myself, and I couldn't be more happy to work my own schedule, be surrounded by words all day long, and have the real opportunity to make a difference in other people's lives.”

Rachel Mercer
Proofreader, Copy Editor, Writing Coach
Mercer Editorial Services

“It's given me the freedom to work when and where I want. It provided me with the confidence to leave my full-time job (which was making me miserable) and start my own business. I've been successfully self-employed for over a year and love every day of it! I'm so grateful to Edit Republic for helping me start down this path.”

Anna Nelson
Proofreader, Copy Editor, Content Editor
One Small Step Writing Services

“I edit mostly dissertations and other academic papers. That means that I've gotten to work with clients at a critical point in their work, when they're nervous and need support. I love that I can work for myself but still get to help people.”

Ellen MorganEditor
Proofreader, Copy Editor, Line Editor
Wise Oak Consulting Collaborative

“My editorial business has allowed me to work from home and truly work as my own boss and create my own schedule. I love working in the romance genre because it is so beloved to me, and I absolutely love knowing that I’ve helped writers in their process.”

Christine Wheary
Copy Editor, Line Editor, Developmental Editor, Manuscript Evaluator
CM Wheary Editing

“I had a vision for how I wanted my life to go, and it’s afforded me that opportunity to do so. And it’s been more of a mental shift than a physical shift. It’s a mental shift because it went from getting out of that 9 to 5 mindset where I can actually structure my day any way I want.”

LaToya Carter
Proofreader, Copy Editor
LMC Editorial Services

“I’ve always been drawn to language, and I was always the person that people asked to look over their work. I always knew I wanted to have a family, and I could not picture myself having to work outside of the house in a traditional 9 to 5. I wanted to be able to have the flexibility to be home. Freelance editing and proofreading lend themselves really well to that kind of lifestyle. It’s an opportunity to use my brain, use my creativity, use my empathy, and I get to read amazing books before they’re published.”

Sadie Hall
Proofreader, Copy Editor, Line Editor
Your Editorial Bestie

“I always hated the idea of working in an office or being stuck in a cubicle. And then I found out about proofreading and working from home. And I remember thinking, ‘I can do that!’ I have just loved being able to work from home, and being able to work with words and with books. I also love being able to work on my own time. I love being able to have lunch with my mom or just pack up to go out of state to visit my brother whenever I want. I can work from anywhere! It’s been really, really fun.”

Samantha Hendrix
Proofreader, Copy Editor, Book Editor
Hendrix Editing

“My editorial business gave me freedom – to earn, create my own schedule, set big goals and plan for things I would never have been able to afford by waiting on the same paycheck every month. I work how I want to when I want to, and I do what I love every day. That is freedom.”

Nadia Willie
Proofreader, Copy Editor, Editor
The Scrutineer

“It’s been something to be proud of, that's all mine. Proofreading is just me, solo, and what I have done with just me and my laptop. And that’s been really cool to feel that sense of pride.”

Melissa Bradford
Proofreader, Copy Editor
Melissa Proofreads

“I look forward to the flexibility! My plan is to build my editing business while continuing to work full time for now, then go full freelance in a couple years. Knowing I'm building a freelance career that will give me more flexibility when I need it motivates me every day.”

Update: Meghan is now a full-time editor.

Meghan Lafferty
Proofreader, Copy Editor, Editor
Meghan Lafferty Editing & Proofreading

“It’s given me something that I can have, it’s kind of like my own little baby, it’s something that is my own. When I found my editorial business, it was great, it was something that I could cultivate for myself. I feel like I have grown a lot of confidence in terms of reaching out to people and networking more. Especially with female gamers like myself. I have the freedom to work on whatever I want."

Tori-Jada Bascombe
Proofreader, Copy Editor
1522 Editorial

“I am now proofreading full time, which is awesome! It has allowed me to set my own schedule and work when I want.”

Callie Walker
Proofreader, Copy Editor
Proof Corrections by Callie

“It has given me the opportunity to support myself, which has boosted my confidence. I love setting my own hours and pace. It’s been incredibly liberating to have such a high degree of autonomy over my work and to be able to set the creative tone as I continue to grow and revise my approaches.”

Elisabeth Ivey
Proofreader, Copy Editor, Developmental Editor, Copywriter
Ivey Editing Services

“I was looking for a job where I could help others but take care of my own needs at the time. I thought it would be a good way to mix the analytical mind with my love for words. Now editing is my main source of income. I enjoy the fact that editing gives me more variety and more flexibility. Being able to take better care of myself has definitely been a benefit. Also, the experience of saying ‘Yes, I can open my own business’; it’s a really good confidence booster.”

Amanda Rosehart
Proofreader, Copy Editor, Editor
Manatee Editing

“I am excited to create this business doing something I love. I’d worked previously for 12 years as a legal assistant and have no interest in going back. I am now able to build my own business and contribute financially to my family.”

LaToya Turner
Proofreader, Copy Editor
Creative Culture Editorial Services

“Dipping my toes in editorial was a pivotal moment. I’m a firm believer that when you’re on the right path professionally (or just in life), things begin to open up.”

Samantha Burke
Proofreader, Copy Editor, Content Editor
Burke Editorial

“Editing allows me to work with wonderful people on fascinating projects. I love the interaction and I love learning something new every day. I can't think of a better job.”

Cassis Armstrong
Proofreader, Copy Editor, Editor, Manuscript Evaluator
MorningStar Editing LLC

“It's allowed me to take the step to quit my job and start my own editorial business. It gave me the confidence to feel like I am truly an editor who's good at her job. It has completely changed my life to a place where I have more freedom and can work with other authors while reading interesting ideas and stories.”

Iris Marsh
Proofreader, Copy Editor, Line Editor, Developmental Editor, Manuscript Evaluator
Iris Marsh Edits

“The person that gave me my first job said “This is exactly what I was looking for...okay, you can edit my book!””

Glee Lugo
Proofreader, Copy Editor
Spot On Edit

“I love that I can work from anywhere and take time off when needed. The biggest impact has been on my own confidence. Founding my own business has never been on my radar, but when the opportunity arose, I took that first step.”

Zulaikha Faatima
Proofreader, Copy Editor
Bluebottle Editorial Services

“It’s thrilling to be part of the exploration and journey that takes an author’s work from concept to publish. I definitely feel more confident, not only with regard to editing, but in life as well.”

Susan Rheingruber
Proofreader, Copy Editor
SMR Proofreading and Editing

“Having the option to follow my husband as he works in multiple locations, homeschool our children, and still be able to create an income has been amazing! Not much I'd trade it for (except maybe a lottery ticket)! 🙂

Jamie Wilkins
Proofreader, Editor

“I love it! It really is a dream come true to be able to work wherever I have my laptop.

Book coaching has been a welcome, but unexpected, addition to my services. With my first book coaching client I was hired as an editor for a children’s book series. My client realized she was having a hard time sticking to her timeline and she also wanted a professional opinion about her storyline.

I am now able to offer all that I learned as a service to my clients.”

Andrea Jasmin
Proofreader, Copy Editor, Book Coach
AC Jasmin Proofreading

“It has replaced (and doubled) the side income I had from a part-time job that I lost due to Covid. It has given me a goal for a better life during my retirement.”

Jen Tolnay
Proofreader, Copy Editor
Jen Tolnay Editorial and Writing Services

“Starting my own editorial business has impacted my life. It has brought meaning and joy that I thought I had lost. I’m back in the driver’s seat! I also like the idea that I can work around caring for my mother and my pets.”

Maria Arana
Proofreader, Copy Editor, Line Editor
Arana Editing Services

“I love the freedom of setting my own schedule and being able to spend time with my family. Also, I love what I do. I love connecting with the author’s intention and voice and translating it, in a way, to the people who connect with that content. The feeling of correcting and polishing a written work is so incredibly satisfying!”

Sandra Wester
Proofreader, Copy Editor
Sandra West Edit

“It has allowed me to lead a life truer to my personality and to myself. I can work from home and keep my priorities in order. It has been a blessing in my life. When I first started my business, I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to find clients. I am proud to have made connections and have a steady stream of clients.”

Jessica Berry
Proofreader, Copy Editor, Line Editor, Developmental Editor, Manuscript Evaluator
J. Berry Proofreading

“This business has changed my life. Editing is something I look forward to doing daily and helps me help financially in our family. We’ve now been able to repair things around the house that would’ve been impossible without my income, start saving money for our teenage son, as well as ourselves, and book mini vacations as a family.“

Dee Houpt
Proofreader, Copy Editor, Line Editor
Dee’s Notes: Editing and Proofreading Services

“Getting to work mainly with one other person remotely and to focus purely on the quality of a piece of writing feels like a welcome change! It uses a different part of my brain, which feels relaxing and satisfying, even though it requires a lot of focus.

I’ve been very fortunate that I’ve been able to work on proofreading projects as my main source of income short-term, as well as smaller extra-income jobs.”

Lucy Usher
Proofreader, Copy Editor

“I enjoy being able to do what I love—helping writers to produce their best work—and the flexible schedule allows me the freedom to spend more time at home with my family.

In addition, it is wonderful to be genuinely valued and appreciated for the work that I do. When clients recommend my expertise to others because they are very pleased with the meticulous care that I take in editing their manuscripts, it is very rewarding to be acknowledged and, occasionally, compensated above and beyond the norm for all my hard work.”

Michele Cooke
Proofreader, Copy Editor, Line Editor
Precision Proof Editorial

“It has definitely helped me financially, and it has helped keep me busy. Almost too busy in fact! I love the flexibility of working for myself and being able to choose the projects I work on. I love helping authors perfect their work and all the different things I get to read. I learn so much from the books I work on, and not just the grammar and punctuation questions that pop up, but the content of the books themselves.”

Juli Burgett
Proofreader, Copy Editor
Juli Burgett Proofreading & Copyediting Services

“I'm learning that, by freelancing, I am in a much better position to live my life fully: I can achieve my career dreams, and, at the same time, I can focus on other personal goals which truly matter to me and which would be buried if I worked at a ‘regular’ job.”

María Milla
Proofreader, Copy Editor
Edit Island

“Being part of people’s successes, it fills me with a sense of accomplishment. Editing is a fine art. Taking a piece of writing and, with love in every detail, turning it into a masterpiece, yet leaving no trace of having been there is art in its truest form.”

Eucharia Remy-Kingsley
Proofreader, Copy Editor
Loupe Editorial Services

“I enjoy being at home with my family and my puggle, Stella, more often, and I love the fact that I can set my own schedule and work as much as I want! I get to build my business up the way I want to, but I know I have great entrepreneurial friends, online colleagues, and Phon I can reach out to for any kind of advice.

It has given me the opportunity to manage my own work schedule, and be my own manager. I feel more empowered to truthfully pursue an editorial career because I love learning new things every day, and I get to know the content creator on a personal level through their writing!”

Celina Sell
Proofreader, Copy Editor
Fox and Flowers Proofreading

“Not only reading the genre I love, but editing the books of authors whom I read for pleasure. Honestly, I’m still pinching myself. I’m editing books by Brynn Hale and Lana Dash (and other authors as well), and I’ve been reading their books for a couple years now?! What the what?!!! LOL Sur-real.

The fact that I get to be another set of eyes for female entrepreneurs and authors makes me want to do the Snoopy Dance.”

Celise Downs
Proofreader, Copy Editor
Like A GoddessBoss VA

“I found a job as a manuscript proofreader. It’s all freelance, so I can choose how busy I want to be. It’s great for a stay-at-home mom like me.

This has been a great job and I highly recommend using Phon’s resources. She takes some of the scary ‘where do I start?’ out of starting your freelance proofreading career!”

Erin Kelley
Proofreader, Copy Editor
Hawkeye Proofing

“I have finally found a true career path for myself after being lost on the job field for too long. I finally know what I want to do as a profession and it makes me feel truly happy and fulfilled.

I love being able to say that I’m doing a business that I’m good at, enjoy and can help people in. It’s a type of work I finally enjoy doing that also involves mental skill and endurance.”

Mariah Krist
Proofreader, Copy Editor, Copywriter
Solutions Proofreading

“I truly enjoy what I'm doing. I've unleashed creative powers I never knew I had inside me. But most of all, the freedom that a freelancer life has given me is simply invaluable.”

Bori Hoffbauer
Proofreader, Copy Editor

“I love getting to read and help improve indie manuscripts. Many self-published authors don’t receive the same support as their traditionally published counterparts, and I like to provide encouragement and advice along with my edits to them. I love watching a rough manuscript grow and evolve into a published work, and I can’t explain how fulfilling it is to watch my clients’ careers grow.”

Briana Morgan
Proofreader, Editor, Manuscript Evaluator, Writer

“My current work client wrote in her article, ‘everyone has their first day,’ as her mom said. And it’s true. If you have this feeling of wanting to try, you have to try; because unless you try it, you will never know if this is something that will be good for you in the future.

At the end of the day, despite the stress and tiredness, if you love what you do, everything is worth it.”

Proofreader, Copy Editor

“As a newly single mom, I am confident that my business will be able to support my daughter and myself as it grows. After being a one-income family for over 25 years, I needed this confidence to make necessary changes in my life. Having my editorial business allows me to provide for my family while also allowing me to work on my own terms.”

Heather Mitchell
Proofreader, Copy Editor, Line Editor, Manuscript Evaluator
Heathered Words

“I love being my own boss and setting my own hours. Working with authors has been such a rich experience. I get to read for a living!”

Margaret Fierstine
Proofreader, Copy Editor, Line Editor
Reliance Editorial Services

“I’m usually the first person in my circle that people will ask to read over something they’ve written. Any time I would find a mistake in a book, I’d feel like I hit the jackpot. But I thought you had to go to school to become a proofreader. Honestly, I thought I’d missed the boat and it would only be a fun hobby.”

Megan McLaughlin
Proofreader, Copy Editor

“Realizing that I actually do have marketable skills feels pretty fantastic. When people I’ve done work for come back to me with positive feedback, it makes me feel like, Hey, I’m not just a data-crunching office nobody. I’m actually good at something that’s useful to other people. I’m a proofreader.”

Jesse Wiebe
Technical Editor

“Before starting my editorial business, I didn't think making a living outside my 9 to 5 job was possible. I only started it as a side hustle to make a bit more money, and I didn't mind doing it because I already enjoyed reading and writing. However, once I started, a new world opened up to me. I enjoyed helping people bring out their best stories so much more than any other job I had done.

My editorial business has made me discover more about myself and what I want from my life. I no longer wish to work for others in an 8-hour job doing things I don't enjoy. I am so glad that I am doing this now. It has truly been a life-changer for me.”

Dianne Mendes
Proofreader, Copy Editor
Dee Write Lover

“My absolute favorite part of all my corporate/communications jobs was proofing and polishing all the stories and content—I wanted to turn that passion into a business since making stories shine with precision and impact is my favorite way to serve authors, creatives, and businesses!

Running my own editorial business has allowed me to do work I truly love from anywhere I want, while creating a meaningful impact for my clients while providing income to build an exciting and prosperous life for me and my partner.”

Mikael Short
Proofreader, Copy Editor, Line Editor, Book Editor, Manuscript Evaluator, Content Editor
The Intuitive Editor

“I launched my editorial business just before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and having the skills and strategies I learned in High-Level Proofreading and Copyediting Pro allowed me to find clients and market myself in a very stressful time. Having a freelance career has been invaluable in this financially unstable year.

It has allowed me to make an income while still working from home.”

Aubry Bennett
Technical Editor, Developmental Editor
A. Bennett Editing

“It helped me become more comfortable working with authors directly. It’s given me the chance to meet a wide variety of people as well as achieve additional financial goals.”

Brent Schebler
Proofreader, Copy Editor, Line Editor, Book Formatter
Ink Drinker Editing and Literary Services

“I initially chose this business as a side hustle. Then the pandemic hit, and my family had no income. That became my reason to succeed. I chose proofreading and editing because grammar errors stick out like a sore thumb to me, and I wanted to be the solution to that problem.

This editorial business has given me a fresh start in life. I left corporate America 18 years ago to become a full-time mom. This business has given me the ability to start over. And as my children are preparing to go off to college, I can share my success story with them.”

Kamecha King
Proofreader, Copy Editor, Line Editor
Right the Vision Editing

“It's opened a whole new world of possibilities for me! I've long had a dream of working with books; I just never knew what shape that was going to take. But this has made it all seem possible and so real!

It has allowed me to pursue something for myself, which is incredibly valuable to someone who doesn't see herself as a creative person. It has given me a degree of confidence in my skills and abilities, and it has connected me with some pretty amazing people.”

Jennifer Banman
Proofreader, Copy Editor, Line Editor
The Write Words

“My editorial business has allowed me to flex my creative juices, while launching my own company. Which is something I’ve always wanted to do.”

Annie Hunt
Proofreader, Copy Editor, Content Editor
Harvest Moon Creative

“Founding The Lighthouse Edit has given me the opportunity to build my life the way I want. I am able to utilize my skills and passion to help my clients. I am also able to move towards my goal of working from home full-time. This business has truly given me the freedom to live my life to the fullest.”

Averie Shaffer
Proofreader, Copy Editor
The Lighthouse Edit

“It's allowed me to grow and learn more about the world of writers, publishing and running a business. I also spend more time reading, which has allowed me to learn more about people and the world in general.”

Regina Hood
Proofreader, Copy Editor

“I started my business as a side hustle and aim to transition within the next year to full-time! I am grateful for flexibility in my day-to-day life, the different types of content I get to learn from as I edit, the different clients I get to meet and connect with, and the purpose I feel in supporting authors.”

Lareesa McMonigle
Proofreader, Copy Editor, Line Editor
Honeybee Editorial Services

“Clients are finding me by word-of-mouth referrals from my friends and family! I am feeling excited and happy to be establishing a home-based business to replace my part-time COVID-impacted employment!”

Barbara Ridgely
Proofreader, Copy Editor
Clarity Comm Solutions

“It's given me a sense of control; that I have the potential to turn this into my only source of income someday soon, and make a decent living at it, while having the time for the things that truly matter to me instead of spending more than half of my waking hours stuck behind a desk working for someone else.”

Donna Wattley
Proofreader, Copy Editor, Line Editor, Nonfiction Editor
DW Editorial

“Edit Republic helped me by providing a solid foundation on which to build. It's been fun to work on getting my business off the ground.“

Amanda Boone
Proofreader, Copy Editor, Line Editor

“It helped me make the transition from Content Creator to Content Editor just in time to take advantage of the editorial opportunities AI-generated content is opening.”

Noel Gama
Proofreader, Copy Editor, Content Editor

“I'm much more excited about my career now and all the interesting places it's taking me. I am networking freely now, which I was always insecure about doing. I finally feel I've found my last career, one that I can really mold into something I love because it's my own business.”

Lori Rosen
Editor, Content Editor, Copywriter
Lori Rosen Editorial and Copywriting

“Besides my work as a musician and music researcher (which involves a lot of writing), I have experience with several different languages and I've learned to love words, grammar, and syntax and how they work together to build languages. I love to read (fiction and non-fiction), and my goal is to work from home on something I love, eventually becoming a digital nomad as well, since I love to travel. I also would like to be the one in control of my own schedule.”

Natalie Artemas-Polak
Proofreader, Copy Editor, Line Editor, Developmental Editor
N. V. Proofreading and Editing

“It has given me the freedom to work remotely and to meet quite a number of people in a very short period of time.”

Monica Salirwe
Proofreader, Copy Editor, Developmental Editor
Proofread It

“It is my sole source of income since the pandemic started, so I would say it has impacted my life greatly!”

Vicky Haygood
Proofreader, Copy Editor, Content Editor
Vicky Haygood Editorial and Book Design Services

“I am a published author, and always wanted to edit my books better and learn the tricks to help other authors with their books.

This business is expanding my horizons and I will be successful at it.”

Tricia Humphrey
Proofreader, Copy Editor, Line Editor, Developmental Editor

“Doing work for my clients gives me a great feeling of purpose and a sense that I am helping out the writing community.

Edit Republic has helped me gain the confidence I needed to go out and get clients and know I am delivering high-quality editing.”

Rebecca Dombrowski
Proofreader, Copy Editor, Line Editor, Developmental Editor
Rad Editing

“I’m a detailed oriented person by nature, and I take delight in ‘combing-through’ written work for errors. Plus, I think that reading is one of the joys of life. I'm a lover of words.

I'm in great expectation that my editorial business will allow me to serve others in a new way, help me hit some of my financial goals ”

Matthesa Gregg
Proofreader, Copy Editor
MAG Editorial

“I feel good knowing I can make money doing something I love.”

Andrea Knapp
Proofreader, Copy Editor, Developmental Editor
Andrea Knapp Editorial Services

“I've always been one to spot errors when reading, but I had never thought I was the type of person who would be ‘good enough’ to make money from it.

Having my own editorial business has been freeing! I love taking on clients as I'm able, championing them in their projects, and being able to build a schedule that works for me.”

Rebekah Smith
Proofreader, Copy Editor, Book Coach
RK Smith Books

“Online freelance editing keeps me out of an office environment and gives me the freedom to dictate my own hours.”

Tanya Sulatyski
Proofreader, Copy Editor, Line Editor
Three Canyon Muses

“Starting my own editorial business has made it possible for me to work from home, doing something that I enjoy.”

Lola Ayangbayi
Proofreader, Copy Editor, Developmental Editor, Book Coach
Ruthless Editing

“I love knowing I helped an author believe in themselves, get clear on their message, and make their book the best it could be. It's also been amazing working from home and being able to shape my own schedule.”

Laura Kaiser
Proofreader, Copy Editor, Line Editor, Developmental Editor
Word Haven Editorial

“It has given me the freedom to do work I love and still be there 100% for my Autistic son. I can be completely hands on with him every day and never miss any of his therapies. It makes all the difference for our family!”

Sara Adams
Proofreader, Copy Editor
Sara Adams Editing

“I do feel like I'm actively working toward a goal of being a full-time book editor, and just thinking about it makes me so happy. Being able to work from home and have a flexible schedule is really important to me and working with authors has been fantastic. I'm excited to see where the next five years take me!”

Rachael Swanson
Proofreader, Copy Editor, Line Editor, Book Editor
The Fiction Fanatic

“I have started a second career.”

Rona Shirdan
Proofreader, Copy Editor, Line Editor, Developmental Editor, Book Coach
Writing With EEEs

“It has given me the tools and potential to do something every day that I really enjoy, remotely.”

Sheila Prohnow
Proofreader, Copy Editor
S Prochnow Proofreader

“It gave me the confidence I needed to know that I could do this as a career.

It has helped me provide for my family.”

Misha Robinson
Proofreader, Copy Editor, Line Editor, Developmental Editor
Novel Words Editing

“I wanted to do something that didn't require me to stay in the same location, that I could do online from almost anywhere. I realized how often I find typos and grammar gaffes in so many things I was reading, and remembered how much I've always loved the written word.

It's given me something to look forward to, to dream about.”

Jodi Engels
Proofreader, Copy Editor, Line Editor
Epona Editorial Services

“I love words, language, reading and writing. I was a stage actress for 20 years and I have been teaching ESL to adults for the past 18 years. I would like to do more travelling and have work that is enjoyable and flexible.

It has excited me to stay on track and think about the future.

I like Phon's energy and the whole vibe of the company.”

Anne Page
Proofreader, Copy Editor

“Running my business has give me so much more confidence than I've ever had before; I feel as if I can take on the world.”

Nicole Martindale
Proofreader, Copy Editor
Solutions Proofreading

“The idea of starting my editorial business has given me the strength to leave a part-time job I did not love and the hope that I, too, can do something I will love.”

Silvana Labombarda
Proofreader, Copy Editor, Editor

“It’s something I have been doing since the 80s (yes I am that old). My mother was a writer and I love reading absolutely anything but thrillers and historical novels are my favourites.

It has furthered my knowledge and improved my skills.”

Alice Zammit-Maempel
Proofreader, Copy Editor

“I feel like having my editorial business will help me achieve the work-life balance I need. ”

Danika Curtiss
Proofreader, Copy Editor

“By working from home, I am able to be here for my mother, whom I take care of, when she needs it, and this has also given me the opportunity to build a business and bring in an income after my own illness prevented me from working a normal nine-to-five.”

Christoper Daprona
Proofreader, Copy Editor, Editor
Alphabitz Editing

“I am an avid reader and love working with writers! I want to have the freedom to work from anywhere, to make my own schedule, and to choose the kind of projects/clients I work with.

It's given me hope for a future with better work/life balance.”

Danielle Lange
Proofreader, Copy Editor

“I love books and reading and often find myself noticing errors more than usual. Maybe it’s because of the past administrative duties I had where I had to proofread everything before I mailed it out and I would love to make a living out of this field. Working from home would be a bonus and get my creative juices flowing again!”

Colette Sherrington
Proofreader, Copy Editor

“I absolutely love reading and am looking for a way to turn that love into extra income.

I am just getting started. ”

Jennifer Day
Copy Editor

“Its given me more freedom to spend time with my friends and family, which I had neglected when I was working away as a live-in nanny. Now, I can pick and choose my hours. It's had a positive impact on my mental health, and I am so much happier working at a job that I love. I wish I had made the choice to quit my full-time job earlier because I am doing what I've always wanted to do.”

Harriet James
Proofreader, Copy Editor, Writer

“Editing and Proofreading seem like the perfect solution. I wanted something that would allow me to be self-sustaining, no matter where I lived, and working with words is a natural fit.

Edit Republic struck the right note for me.”

Jewel Voth
Proofreader, Copy Editor

“I love to read! I love words! And I revere grammar. As an introvert and an avid reader, it gives me immense pleasure to earn a living doing what I love most.”

Surabhi Shikarkhane
Proofreader, Copy Editor

“The knowledge I gained gave me the confidence to approach people to offer my services.

I've just started, so right now I'm working on a couple of projects in exchange for testimonials. But I was able to gain these new clients immediately upon finishing the course, and they were quite happy to have someone for proofreading. Apparently there are a lot of people out there who say they can proofread who really can't.”

Jamie Beasley
Proofreader, Copy Editor

“I've known for my entire adult life I wanted a profession related to books. I finally realized after decades that I still wanted to be an editor.

It has given me a purpose! My kids are grown now and I have a lot of free time on my hands. I have really enjoyed the past months I spent training and learning how to run a freelance's been a lot of fun!”

Jodi Unsinger
Proofreader, Copy Editor
Pixels & Pencils Proofreading

“I love reading and have always wanted to work in the publishing world. Now with how popular indie authors have gotten, I think it's a great time to have my own business so that I can make my dreams of proofreading and editing a reality as well as help the indie authors reach their dreams with novels that shine!

I think that it will give me some more flexibility in my life as well as joy from doing something I truly love!”

Shannon Cochrane
Proofreader, Copy Editor
SC Pro Editing

“Its given me the flexibility to grow my family comfortably and securely.”

Destiny Henry
Proofreader, Copyeditor
Alexandria Literary

“it's given me hope and encouragement to continue and start getting excited about progressing and making this a solid source of income.

it's given me hope that I can succeed if I put my mind to it and put the effort in.”

Lara Schaaf
Proofreader, Copy Editor

“It has given me confidence to start my own business, which is something I never thought I would do.”

Ashley Balough
Proofreader, Copy Editor
Wandering Rose Editorial

“I love reading, and I have always liked helping people (my previous career was nursing). Proofreading and copyediting involve both of these!”

Andrea Baker
Proofreader, Copy Editor
Proofreading by Andrea

“I have more confidence in my ability to succeed.”

Chalsea White
Proofreader, Copy Editor
Word Expressions

“I appreciate the written word on a brand-new level! I have always loved to read and write, but now there's a deeper impact as you're helping others make a bigger statement that you could on your own.”

Daphne Griffith
Proofreader, Copy Editor, Editor

“It has given me a way to work from home and still make good money. It gives me a more positive outlook towards the future.”

Carol McCann
Proofreader, Copy Editor

“I am a better proofreader.”

Flower Marie Lunn
Proofreader, Copy Editor
Accuracy Proofreading

“I've gained confidence in myself as a professional who has a valuable service to offer.”

Margot Cox
Proofreader, Copy Editor
Upstate Proofreaders

“It helped me professionally complete a first-round proofread of a short book by a friend of mine who is a local self-published author—he was totally complimentary of, and thrilled with, my work, and said that he definitely will recommend me to other writers with whom he associates!”

Martinez Butts
Proofreader, Copy Editor

“It makes me happy. It gives me hope that I'll be able to provide extra income for our family in the coming years.”

Michelle Merritt
Proofreader, Copy Editor
Merritt Edits

“I feel I have been given the tools to move forward in a professional capacity. As someone who likes to write I know my writing style has already improved. I plan to focus on proofreading for the health care industry. With a background as a licensed massage therapist and a certified herbalist I already have knowledge of the industry and hope to promote beneficial products and steer people towards a healthier lifestyle. Thank you, Phon, for this opportunity.”

Teresa McHugh
Proofreader, Copy Editor

“It has given me the freedom to travel with my husband while being able to maintain my business.”

Karen Bates
Proofreader, Copy Editor
Quill & Ink Editing Services

“I have been able to use skills that my clients appreciate and earn a side income from home. I love the freedom and flexibility that comes with working for myself.”

Katy Schlomach
Proofreader, Copy Editor
Bookhound Editing

“This business has given me a ‘Plan B’ during the pandemic since I lost my former job due to COVID19.”

Katy Kerri Bielma
Proofreader, Copy Editor
Scribble and Proof

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