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Discover how to make a living doing what you love. Join our free masterclass and learn how to become an irreplaceable proofreader and editor in the booming romance industry.

Romance Novels Are A Booming Business

Romance novels generate over $1.44 billion in revenue annually.

Romance sales grew by 52% compared to the previous year.

Romance novels reached over 39 million printed units sold last year.

What You’ll Learn From This Masterclass

  • How you can start proofreading and editing romance books with zero prior experience
  • The most popular categories of romance and how to choose the perfect niche for you
  • How to avoid 3 big mistakes when working with romance fiction
  • The differences in working with self-published authors and book publishers
  • How to create a business that is profitable and sustainable for years to come

Meet Your Romance Mentor

Hi, I'm Phon

Is there anything better than settling down for some quiet time with a book and your favourite beverage?

In my masterclass, you’re going to discover how you can make that moment an enjoyable, profitable side hustle or career. The lessons I’ll be teaching are what you need to know to work with self-published authors and publishing houses with no prior experience.

I started proofreading and editing from scratch with no connections or professional experience over 20 years ago, so I know what it’s like to be at the beginning with just a love of reading. Many genres and 2000+ books later, I’ve discovered what it takes to turn your reading hobby into a thriving biz that you can run from anywhere, on your terms.    

Join me in making 2024 the year you finally make your editorial dream happen.

See you in class!

Phon Baillie
Edit Republic Founder
Editorial Expert and Educator

From Reader To Romance Editor

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