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The Editorial Business Blueprint is the ultimate FREE resource every emerging editorial professional needs to achieve success online.

Editorial Business Blueprint

Your Direct Path To Success With The Editorial Business Blueprint

Stop wondering what to do when it comes to earning an income and finding clients as a proofreader and editor. In our Editorial Business Blueprint, we’ve broken down exactly what steps to take to thrive and be profitable, whether you’re looking for a full-time career or a side hustle.

What’s Inside The Editorial Business Blueprint

Love What You Do

Get ready to go on a journey towards working with flexibility and profitability with this Editorial Business Blueprint. In this blueprint, I share my 20+ years of experience working in editorial and having helped people achieve goals like editing for businesses, proofreading for publishing houses, and working with passionate writers.

Everything is clearly laid out in this blueprint to fit any type of goal: starting a side hustle for extra income, diving into a fulfilling new career, running an online business from anywhere, or adding new services to an existing business.

Grab the blueprint below and get ready to start working the way you want!

Phon Baillie
Editorial Educator & Coach

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