Digital Marketing Checklist

This step-by-step checklist will help you attract your ideal clients through social media and online marketing strategies.

What You'll Get:

  • Easy-to-implement tips to strengthen your social media strategy
  • The first steps you need to take to attracting your ideal clients online
  • Social media tips to grow your editorial business

Attract Clients Using Social Media

If you want to stand out from your competitors and ensure that your business will thrive 3, 5, 10 — and longer — years from now, you’ll need to show up online and market yourself in a way that makes people trust you and, more importantly, want to work with you.

I created the Digital Marketing Checklist to help you get started with those goals in mind. It’s perfect for both brand-new proofreaders and editors and those with more professional experience. Grab the checklist below.

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This Checklist Is For:

  • Editorial professionals like proofreaders, editors, and book coaches who want to market their services online
  • New editorial pros who want to start with a solid online marketing strategy and get ahead of the competition
  • Established professionals who want to learn how to use social media to attract new clients
  • Anyone who has tried using social media to market their business, but didn’t get the results they desired and want to learn how to do it properly

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