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Our masterclass will guide you through essential steps to launch your own business in editing and proofreading. Become part of an energetic community and turn your love for words into a thriving career.

Meet Your Mentor: Phon Baillie

With over two decades of teaching and mentoring, Phon Baillie has shaped the editorial careers of countless professionals. Having edited more than 2000 books, she is a prominent figure in the editorial community. In this masterclass, Phon shares:

Success Stories From People Like You

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“My days are filled with helping share other people’s stories and collaborating with creatives on projects I never could have dreamed about a few months ago. My business feels like this wonderful extension of myself, and I couldn’t be more happy to work my own schedule, be surrounded by words all day long, and have the real opportunity to make a difference in other people’s lives."
Rachel M.
“My editorial business gave me freedom — to earn, create my own schedule, set big goals and plan for things I would never have been able to afford by waiting on the same paycheck every month. I work how I want to when I want to, and I do what I love every day. That is freedom.”
Nadia W.
“I love knowing I helped an author believe in themselves, get clear on their message, and make their book the best it could be. It’s also been amazing working from home and being able to shape my own schedule.”
Laura K.
“It’s given me more freedom to spend time with my friends and family which I had neglected when I was working away as a live-in nanny. Now, I can pick and choose my hours. It’s had a positive impact on my mental health, and I am so much happier working at a job that I love. I wish I had made the choice to quit my full-time job earlier because I am doing what I’ve always wanted to do.”
Harriet J.
“Running my business has given me so much more confidence than I’ve ever had before; I feel as if I can take on the world.”
Nicole M.
"Wow! I get to earn an income by reading! I work with authors and writers from all over the world. I am constantly learning new things. I am able to help and encourage the writers I work with, which I find very fulfilling. I have the freedom to be in control of my schedule. I am able to take care of my parents and spend time with my grandchildren."
Roberta T.

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