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Learn the craft of professional proofreading and open doors to freelance opportunities. Receive daily bite-sized lessons that guide you through earning potential and skill-building.

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Is a career in editing calling you? This course demystifies the process, showing that professional editing is within your reach and full of potential.

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Dive into our masterclass to explore a strategic approach to launching a freelance editorial business. Gain insights from successful case studies to navigate your own path to profitability.

The Ultimate Guide To Freelancing

Discover what it takes to start freelance proofreading and copyediting with our complete guide, full of years of industry knowledge and actionable insights.

A Toolkit For Every Proofreader

This bundle of essential tools and resources is designed to streamline your proofreading tasks, making your work efficient and effective.

Romance Proofreaders Checklist

Becoming a romance proofreader isn’t a pipe dream. With over 2 decades of experince in this genre, we’ve put together this resource so you can fast-track your path to working with romance.

Editorial Business Blueprint

This comprehensive guide includes every editing skill that makes up a full-service freelance editorial business. It also includes case studies of how Edit Republic grads have used certain steps in their businesses to be successful.

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Discover the art of proofreading and copyediting in just 7 days! Engage with interactive quizzes, pinpoint your niche, and sample a live coaching call. This is an exclusive peak into our leading program!

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Find your niche in the editorial world with our engaging quiz, designed to align your passions with the perfect proofreading or editing genre.

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Wonder if you’ve got the editorial eye for detail? Take this quick quiz and find out! It’s a fun and easy way to see if proofreading could be your next big opportunity. Perfect for anyone looking to step into the world of freelance editing.