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Get the ultimate step-by-step system to start building your editorial business and own your freedom.

Avid Readers All Over The World Have Achieved Time And Financial Freedom With The Editorial Business Bundle


We’ve now been able to repair things around the house that would’ve been impossible without my income, start saving money for our teenage son, as well as ourselves, and book mini vacations as a family.

I started my business at the same time as the course and without even completing the course yet, I already have £2,300 worth of work lined up for the next six weeks!

My business continues to grow, and I have repeat clients and new clients alike!

I truly feel like I invested in something that has just returned itself so many times over already.


Running a profitable, freedom-based editorial business will change your life forever.

With over 2 decades of running an editorial business, I can honestly say that building a business centered around passion, people and words is one of the most fulfilling and rewarding endeavours you can experience.

I’ve helped thousands of aspiring proofreaders and editors all over the world build profitable businesses that suit both their personal and professional goals by following this proven system. Having both freedom and flexibility in how you work isn’t a pipe dream. It’s the new way of working, and one I am proud of helping people from all walks of life achieve. If you’re ready to start earning an income as a proofreader and copy editor, I can’t wait to help you.

“My editorial business gave me freedom – to earn, create my own schedule, set big goals and plan for things I would never have been able to afford by waiting on the same paycheck every month. I work how I want to when I want to, and I do what I love every day. That is freedom.”

Nadia Willie
Founder, The Scrutineer

“It feels like I got my life back. Working at my previous 9-5 job, I was tired all the time, so that even when I had free time, I didn’t have the energy to do fun stuff for myself. Now, my job is fun, and I get to create my own hours so that I can enjoy doing more of what I love in my free time. My whole outlook on life has completely changed.”

Maria Chance
Founder, The Intuit Desk

Get On The Fast Track To Success

Whether you’re just starting out, or want to take your word skills to the next level, The Editorial Business Bundle is designed to bring you:


Live life on your terms, your schedule, around your passions, and from wherever you choose.


An editorial business can set you up for financial freedom so you can live confidently.


Setting up a business for long-term momentum will give you back your time and lifestyle!



The gold-standard editorial training program for readers and language enthusiasts who want to build a meaningful, profitable proofreading and copyediting business.


Let Us Help You Achieve Your Full Potential

The Editorial Business Bundle gives you the exact plan to start and scale your editorial business – so you can confidently proofread and copyedit for high-quality clients all around the globe, in the industry of your choice.


Intro To Professional Proofreading And Copyediting

editorial business bundle module 1

In This Module:


Mastering The Mechanics Of Language

editorial business bundle module 2

In This Module:


Editorial Standards For
Digital Proofreading

editorial business bundle module 3

In This Module:


Copyediting For Editorial Pros

editorial business bundle module 4

In This Module:


Working With Industry Best Practices: Style Guides

editorial business bundle module 5

In This Module:


Working With Editing Programs 
And AI Content

editorial business bundle module 6

In This Module:


How To Work With Diverse
Content And Businesses

editorial business bundle module 7

In This Module:


Proofreading And Copyediting Fiction And Nonfiction Books

editorial business bundle module 8

In This Module:


Managing Your Editorial Business

editorial business bundle module 9

In This Module:


Marketing Your Editorial Business Without Spending Money On Ads

editorial business bundle module 10

In This Module:

You'll Also Receive A Certificate In Proofreading And Copyediting


Get Professional Guidance With Our LIVE Monthly Group Coaching!

Join our LIVE group coaching calls hosted every month, and get feedback and strategies from industry expert, Phon Baillie.

Learn from someone who has been there and done that. Edit Republic founder, Phon Baillie, provides professional guidance and business coaching during fun and engaging live coaching sessions.

You get ongoing access to group coaching whenever you need it, ask questions about editorial issues, or get business advice on how to find new clients and industry changes. You'll also have access to over two years of coaching call replays! As an editorial professional with over two decades of experience, and having trained thousands of people for almost 10 years, you’re in trusted hands.

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Keep Your Momentum And ThriveWith These 10 Advanced Bonuses

editorial business bundle personal branding

Personal Branding Minicourse

Accelerate your business off the ground big-time by creating a personal brand that attracts your ideal clients. Creating a personal brand gives you a competitive advantage, and allows you to grow your biz easier and faster.

FREE – Included with The Editorial Business Bundle

editorial business bundle find clients fast system

Find Clients Fast System

Get access to our proven, repeatable system for finding quality clients in 7 days without having to spend money on ads. It can be used when you’re starting out and want to land your first gigs, or when you’re more established and want to grow your client list.

FREE – Included with The Editorial Business Bundle

editorial business bundle action taker pack

Action Takers Pack

This is our ultimate starter’s kit to get your editorial business up and running. It’s full of resources, including a goal planner, checklists, downloads and spreadsheets. Keeping track of important tasks like social media posts and client management has never been easier.

FREE – Included with The Editorial Business Bundle

editorial business bundle client onboarding pack

Client Onboarding Pack

A strong and welcoming onboarding process can make or break a client relationship. Get step-by-step guidance on how to onboard your new and repeat clients, complete with detailed email scripts and templates, and a Letter of Agreement template you can use.

FREE – Included with The Editorial Business Bundle

editorial business bundle the learning hub

The Learning Hub

A private hub for graduates to gain confidence with more proofreading and copyediting practice. You gain experience working with different kinds of niched content. Comes complete with easy-to-use answer keys so you can check your performance immediately.

FREE – Included with The Editorial Business Bundle

editorial business bundle private community

Private Student & Alumni Community

Connect with like-minded students and grads in every step of your editorial journey. You’re not alone, and this is where you can go to learn from others who have been in your shoes.

FREE – Included with The Editorial Business Bundle

editorial business bundle mindset

Mastering Your Growth Mindset

Get actionable tips for overcoming the fear of marketing yourself. You'll escape the hold of Imposter Syndrome and learn how to manage any doubts. Discover proven ways to move past any limiting beliefs that could be holding you back, and crush it!

FREE – Included with The Editorial Business Bundle

editorial business bundle personal feedback

Personal Feedback On Development

Implement what you’ve learned in a final assignment that is personally marked. You’ll receive feedback on your strengths and what areas you can improve on. The final assignment was written according to industry standards, and is based on real-life publishers’ tests. This final more than prepares you for taking publishers’ proofreading and copyediting tests.

FREE – Included with The Editorial Business Bundle

editorial business bundle coaching corner

Coaching Corner

In Coaching Corner, you’ll find a curated selection of coaching calls that are a must-watch, all in one easy-to-access area. Topics covered include how to cold call prospective clients, tips for working with publishing houses, copyediting AI content, and how to find retainer clients.

FREE – Included with The Editorial Business Bundle

Yup, You’re Getting Over $4,900 In Advanced Training Because We Believe In You

Everything Is Online.
Learn At Your Own Pace.
With Lifetime Access.

The Editorial Business Bundle is based 100% online so you can participate remotely, anywhere, anytime.

Go through the material as it’s released every week, or slow it down and go at your own pace. With lifetime access, you get access to course updates as we keep our curriculum up to date with industry changes.

The Edit Republic Guarantee

This program has the power to profoundly change your life. Don’t love it? Email us within 7-days of your enrollment date to submit your completed coursework and let us know. 
We’ll refund you, no questions asked.

Here's Everything You're Getting

High-Level Proofreading And Copyediting Pro

This industry-leading and comprehensive core training, updated for 2023, gives you the proven system you need to start and scale your editorial business, today.

$2500 Value

LIVE Monthly Group Coaching Calls

Get professional guidance every month with Edit Republic founder Phon Baillie. With over 2 decades of industry experience, you’ll get past sticking points, get feedback, and create results.


Personal Branding For Editorial Pros

Scale your business quickly by creating a personal brand that speaks directly to your target audience. This branding minicourse will help you launch a business that’s perfect for you.

$500 Value

Exclusive Startup Bonuses

Rest easy knowing you’re getting 10 advanced training bonuses that will help accelerate your progress and turn a profit, fast.

$5000 Value

Professional Development And Support

Don’t worry about going it alone. With personalized feedback on your skills development, access to over 2 years of coaching call replays and an unparalleled community, we make sure you reach your full potential.

$1000 Value

Certificate of Completion

After completing the program and getting personalized feedback on your skills development, you receive a certificate of completion in both proofreading and copyediting.


Lifetime Access and Course Updates

We regularly update our programs so you stay ahead of the curve and maintain a sustainable business. You also get lifetime access to the program, so you can learn at your own pace or reference materials when you need them.



Your Total Investment Is Only $597

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$ 125 USD


$ 597 USD

Our students achieve remarkable results. It's your turn.

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My business feels like this wonderful extension of myself, and I couldn’t be more happy to work my own schedule, be surrounded by words all day long, and have the real opportunity to make a difference in other people’s lives.”


Mercer Editorial Services

Tennessee, USA

“Running my own editorial business has allowed me to do work I truly love from anywhere I want, while creating a meaningful impact for my clients while providing income to build an exciting and prosperous life for me and my partner.”


The Intuitive Editor

New York City, USA

“Having the option to follow my husband as he works in multiple locations, homeschool our children, and still be able to create an income has been amazing! Not much I’d trade it for!


Editor, Proofreader, Homeschool Nut

Digital Nomad

It has replaced (and doubled) the side income I had from a part-time job that I lost due to Covid. It has given me a goal for a better life during my retirement.”


Jen Tolnay Editorial & Writing Services

Pennsylvania, USA

It has allowed me to pursue something for myself, which is incredibly valuable to someone who doesn’t see herself as a creative person. It has given me a degree of confidence in my skills and abilities, and it has connected me with some pretty amazing people.” 


The Write Words

Texas, USA

“By working from home, I am able to be here for my mother, whom I take care of, when she needs it, and this has also given me the opportunity to build a business and bring in an income after my own illness prevented me from working a normal nine-to-five.”



Alphabitz Editing

Florida, USA

What Makes The Editorial Business Bundle So Special


Proven Results

Our students go on to do remarkable things with their lives after taking our program. With countless students all over the world, they have carved out a special place for themselves in the writing industry.


Bespoke Feedback

Learn from Phon Baillie. With over 2 decades of experience training countless editorial professionals, you get up-to-date feedback on where your best chance for success lies.


Unparalleled Community

Our community coaching program goes beyond course materials by providing personalized guidance and support from Phon Baillie. As a part of our peer network, you don’t have to reach your goals alone.


Industry Leading

With constant updates to our program, we keep you ahead of industry and technology changes so you can tap into these new markets and maximize your earning potential.

The Editorial Business Bundle is for you if you...

The Editorial Business Bundle is NOT right if you...


I’m new to proofreading and copyediting and have never had a business before. Will The Editorial Business Bundle work for me?

Yes! We’ve had countless students come into the program from all over the world with nothing but a joy of reading and no prior experience. We give you the skills training, tools, knowledge, learning materials, coaching, and professional support so you are more than prepared. To be clear, building a profitable editorial business can take time and is different for everyone. It all depends on how quickly you go through the program and take action.

"I love to read and have been reading adult romance since I was a freshman in high school. When I thought about what I could do to screw the cubicle, I thought, 'Man, I’d love to do this as a job.' I didn’t think that was possible, but lo and behold…"

Will I be able to find editorial work?

Our students work with clients all over the world. Remember, it takes time and effort to build a profitable editorial business. We give you the skills and strategies to market yourself with confidence. Our most successful students have taken anywhere from weeks to even months to bring their vision of working with quality clients to life. But you’ll never reach your full earning potential unless you get started.

"It's allowed me to take the step to quit my job and start my own editorial business. It gave me the confidence to feel like I am truly an editor who's good at her job. It has completely changed my life to a place where I have more freedom and can work with other authors while reading interesting ideas and stories."

I have proofreading training already. Can The Editorial Business Bundle still help me?

Absolutely! We’ve had full-time professional proofreaders and editors enroll to scale their existing businesses, and to find more valuable clients to work with and new niches they can thrive in.

Even if you have some prior experience and an English degree, following The Editorial Business Bundle’s step-by-step system can save you months or even years of trial and error. The Editorial Business Bundle isn’t theory, it’s a proven system.

I’m very busy at the moment. Will I miss out on a coaching session?

You won’t miss out on a thing! All of your training exists inside your private student account, including replays of past group coaching calls. You can go back and revisit the material as often as you like.

English is my second language. Does this rule me out?

We have successful grads from all over the world including people from countries where English is not the primary language. A great command of English is a solid starting point.

Regardless of your native language, thriving as an editorial entrepreneur means knowing how to build trust, create meaningful connections, and help people who need their content polished in order to succeed in today’s economy.

Will I get feedback directly from Edit Republic founder Phon Baillie?

Yes! Unlike many programs online, you will get direct feedback from Phon Baillie as part of your training AND within the live group coaching sessions. With over 20+ years of experience training people in proofreading and editing, you will get the most up-to-date information needed to succeed in today’s economy.

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$ 597 USD

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