Content Editing Pro

The ultimate step-by-step system to building your modern content editing business.

What is Content Editing Pro?​

Content Editing Pro is the only online training experience for aspiring and established editorial professionals who want to build a meaningful, profitable content editing business.

Whether you’re new to editorial or taking an existing editorial business to new heights, our step-by-step program gives you all the tools and training you need to launch your content editing biz.

We’ve helped thousands of people all over the world build their profitable editorial businesses, now we want to help you do the same in this exciting industry.​

Content Editing Pro

Imagine a life abundant with...


Live life on your terms, around your passions, and from wherever you choose.


A dream business gives you financial freedom and prioritizes what matters most.


Achieving your goals while doing what you love is as profoundly fulfilling as it gets.

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Content Editing Pro will help you...


Boost your income by helping businesses and creators craft engaging online content that captivates audiences and drives success.


Build and run a biz that attracts clients with confidence while avoiding newbie mistakes that slow you down.


Enhance communication skills, addressing modern content needs in today's digital landscape while nurturing client connections.​


Foster leadership qualities and provide top-notch content management services for both businesses and creators.


Harness editorial and writing skills to provide premium services that not only benefit your clients but also exceed their expectations.


Cultivate a deep understanding of audiences and how they are essential to your client's success.

Is Content Editing Pro right for me?

Content Editing Pro is for anyone looking to succeed with words in the digital space, who are tired of sacrificing time and effort, or simply doubting their ability to establish themselves as a modern editorial professional that is in demand.

Regardless of your niche, thriving as a content editor in today’s digital landscape means knowing how to build trust and credibility, establish yourself as an expert, and connect with the people and businesses who need you most.


A Work From Home Biz

Running an editorial biz gives you back control so you can focus on creating a lifestyle rich with time and fulfillment. If you're ready to be your own boss, Content Editing Pro is for you.

An Online Side Hustle

No matter when you decide to earn extra income, Content Editing Pro will give you the training you need to start working as a professional content editor, on your terms.

In-House Career

Content editors are in high demand as more businesses go online. Working in-house gives you the structure and support you can only get as a team member.

Who teaches Content Editing Pro?

Hi, I’m Phon! I’m an editorial instructor and mentor with over two decades of industry experience that spans a career in both writing and editing. My students, who have gone on to achieve remarkable success in the editorial industry, are a testament to what professional training and mentorship can lead to.

Content Editing Pro isn’t just a program for learning; it’s a launchpad for future content editors who will shape how content is used and consumed by international audiences. My guidance goes beyond textbooks, and draws from my extensive experience working with, and having in-house roles with, multimedia and communications companies, agencies, creators, online publishers and entrepreneurs.

If you’re ready to move forward in today’s digital environment and want to find fulfillment in helping content create a powerful impact, don’t miss out, and join the Content Editing Pro waitlist today.

When does Content Editing Pro start?

Content Editing Pro’s first enrollment will be announced soon. Don’t miss your chance to gain exclusive access to the most comprehensive content editing program! Enter your email and be the first to know when enrollment opens.

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