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From total beginner to ready-to-work editor, The Art of Line Editing is a self-paced program designed to build your editing business without years of trial and error.

Inside the course, you’ll learn (on your schedule) everything a line editor does, how to edit writing at the sentence level, the best strategies to market your services, and how to work with a diverse clientele.

You’ll get exclusive access to video lessons, templates, and exercises + our amazing community of students to help fast track your progress and land your first client!

Line Editing

It gave me the opportunity to add another service to my roster. It’s been a great way to offer more to my clients and get new clients who’re looking for line editing. Moreover, I’m also a writer, so it didn’t hurt my own fiction writing either. The biggest benefit I’ve seen from offering line editing is that I can charge more for it. 

Iris Marsh
Founder, Iris Marsh Edits

Want To Be A Writer's Best Kept Secret?
It’t Time To Start Line Editing!

Focusing on the style and clarity of a piece of writing, line editing, (aka stylistic editing), is an essential skill in the modern publishing industry.

It is mix of creativity and logic, blending together writing and editing skills to create the most impactful edit. When you learn line editing, you will be able to work with books, digital content, business communications, and other types of content.

Creators need line editors to make their work the best reading experience possible. A line editor helps a writer elevate their style to ensure the right tone, emotion, and flow are met — so readers can easily follow and connect to their content.

Perfect for newbies, copy editors & proofreaders alike, The Art Of Line Editing is for you if:

I read extensively and write quite a bit, too. But Art of Line Editing has given me the confidence to be able to do this on a professional level. I polished my skills with this course, and I’m now able to offer this service to clients. I’ve been able to expand my reach to more clients as well as increased my chances of earning more.

Maria Chance
Founder, The Intuit Desk

By The End Of This Course,
You’ll Have Mastered:

Line Edit Any Piece Of Content You’re Interested In

Including fiction & nonfiction books, websites, manuals, articles, digital content, marketing material, scripts, product descriptions, blog posts, and more!

Work With A Variety Of Clients And Industries

Like publishing houses, indie writers, businesses, entrepreneurs, bloggers, and content creators.

Successfully Market Your Line Editing Services To Clients

Connect with writers who need an editor, and scale your current editorial business with this in-demand skill.

New Concepts And Standards Of Writing

Learn how to elevate writing and how to make writing accessible and inclusive for different audiences.

How To Manage An Editing Business

With effective editing, client communication, pricing, project management and growth strategies that will put you ahead of the curve.

Take Your Editorial Biz To The Next Level!

Whether you’re just starting out or taking an existing editorial business to the next level, The Art of Line Editing focusses on:


Book better clients and expand your editing biz with marketing know-how.


Boost your skills in editorial and dive deep into more advanced skills.


Work like an editing pro and manage your editing biz from anywhere.


The Art Of Line Editing

The gold-standard line editing training program for anyone who wants to build a meaningful, profitable editing business.


Let Us Help You Become A Professional Editor

The Art of Line Editing teaches you how to work with content on a line-by-line basis at the sentence and paragraph level, which makes focusing on style, specifically tone, clarity,  and language effectiveness, a breeze.

Our one-of-a-kind practice exercises also help guide you on improving the overall flow and language of a piece of content while maintaining a writer’s distinct style.


Intro To Line Editing

In This Module:


Elevating Content & Maintaining Style

In This Module:


Recognizing & Rewriting For Clarity

In This Module:


Marketing Your Editorial Biz

In This Module:

You’ll Also Receive A Certificate In Line Editing

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Up-to-date Editing Training Taught By A Working Editor

Hi, future editors! I’m Phon.

For the last 20 + years, I’ve been proofreading, editing, and teaching people around the globe how to turn their love for language into a successful editorial career.

If you’ve ever wondered whether working with words is possible, I’m here to show you it is.

Like you, I started my editorial business without any connections or prior experience — just a deep love for reading and a desire to learn. And now? I run the business of my dreams and help people figure out how they can do the same thing!

The Art of Line Editing has been one of my favourite courses to develop because it examines what I value most in the content I read: style. Writing is meant to make you feel something, and line editing is the piece of the editing puzzle that makes sure you do.

Our program is full of engaging exercises, in-depth knowledge, best-practice templates, and lots of other goodies to help you go from a beginner to a working line editor in no time!

Are you as pumped to get started as I am?

Can’t wait to see you in class!

edit republic founder

“The Art of Line Editing course gave me confidence to add this service line to my business. I found that I truly enjoy editing at a deeper level. I am grateful for Phon’s guidance to help me formalize this service line for my clients.”

Lareesa McMonigle
Founder, Honeybee Editorial Services

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Everything Is Online.
Learn At Your Own Pace.
With Lifetime Access.

The Art Of Line Editing is based 100% online so you can participate remotely, anywhere, anytime.

Go through the material as it’s released every week, or slow it down and go at your own pace. With lifetime access, you get access to course updates as we keep our curriculum up to date with industry changes.

Here's Everything You're Getting

Here's Everything You’ll Learn

The Edit Republic Guarantee

This program has the power to profoundly change your life. Don’t love it? Email us within 7-days of your enrollment date to submit your completed coursework and let us know. 
We’ll refund you, no questions asked.

What Our Students Say About
The Art Of Line Editing

"This will help my business grow because I have more than one option to offer clients."


"As a Content Marketing writer, the course has been invaluable in helping me convert my drafts into engaging copy — not to mention the formal certification that allowed me to call myself an editor."


"The course has helped me determine exactly what line editing is. I also realize that this is the type of editing that I prefer."


"It gave me so much confidence to provide more to my customers. Now I have more value to add."


"The Art Of Line Editing course allowed me to expand my offerings."


"I know that it will benefit financially as it is a higher-level service and may appeal to a broader client base."



What if I don’t have previous editing/proofreading experience?

This program is designed for anyone interested in line editing! Whether you’re experienced and looking to add new skills and services to your biz, or a total newbie looking to learn something new, we’ve got you covered.

What happens after I join?

We’ll send an email with your login information so you can start learning instantly! You’ll get full access to Module 1 for the first 7 days — once the 7 days are up, you’ll be able to access the rest of the lessons and materials.

How is The Art of Line Editing different from other similar courses?

Unlike other programs out there, we’ll take you from a beginner’s level to ready-to-hire status in one shot (and at a budget friendly price). Plus, we’ll teach you to market your new skills, a bonus not offered by any leading competitor, college or university.

English is my second language. Does this rule me out?

We have successful grads from all over the world including people from countries where English is the second language. A great command of English is a solid starting point.

Regardless of your native language, thriving as an editor means knowing how to build trust, create meaningful connections, and help people who need their content polished in order to succeed in today’s economy.

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes. Of course, we want you to love The Art of Line Editing, but if you’re unhappy with the course material, you can request a refund within 7 days from the day of purchase.

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Choose The Art Of Line Editing Plan That Works Best For You


$ 169 USD


$ 297 USD

You’re protected by our 100% Money Back Guarantee

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