The Art of Line Editing

Learn in-demand line editing skills, book better clients, and call yourself a working editor!

Line Editing

Ready for the most in-depth and up-to-date line editing training available?

From total beginner to ready-to-hire status, The Art of Line Editing is a self-paced program developed and taught by Edit Republic’s founder, Phon Baillie.

Inside the course, you’ll learn (on your schedule) what a line editor does, how to edit language at the sentence level, the best ways to market your services, and how to work with your clients.

You’ll get exclusive access to video lessons, templates, and exercises + our amazing community of students to help fast track your progress and prep you for real work!

Let’s talk line editing.
(What is it and who’s it best suited for?)

Focusing on the style and clarity of a piece of prose, line editing, or stylistic editing, is an essential skill in the publishing industry.

Creators can sometimes find themselves (and their stories) getting lost during the writing process. A line editor helps a writer execute on their original ideas by ensuring the right tone, emotion, and flow are met — so readers at home can easily follow and connect to their content.

Perfect for newbies and copy editors/proofreaders alike, you and line editing are made for each other if:

Take your editorial biz to the next level!

The Art of Line Editing is a self-paced program designed to help you boost your skills, book better clients, and expand your reach as a working editor.

Broken down into four easy-to-follow modules, you’ll start with expert training on the basics of line editing before diving deep into more advanced concepts and marketing know-how!

Lessons will focus on how to work with content on a line-by-line basis at the sentence and paragraph level, which makes focusing on style, specifically tone, clarity, mood, and language effectiveness, a breeze.

Our one-of-a-kind practice exercises also help guide you on improving the overall flow and language of a piece of content while maintaining a writer’s distinct style.

By the end of this course, you’ll walk away fully prepped to:

Is This Future You?


“I loved how thorough the course was! I’ve always been afraid of signing up for an online course not offered by a university, but Phon’s course delivers what she promises and more. Not only was I able to polish my editing skills, but she supplies us with indispensable information on how to market ourselves and even goes another step further to encourage us not to give into imposter syndrome.”

Maria Chance
“I really enjoyed Phon’s clear, honest course layout. They were very informative and logically constructed, which I appreciated. There were no tricks, just solid information on what you need to know and do!”
Vicky Haygood
“Phon is extremely accessible and helpful. She has a natural gift for teaching that kept me interested the entire time…goes way beyond any college course I have ever taken by also providing real-world skills and tips that have helped me get my business off the ground.”
Sara Adams
“I enjoyed everything about the course, but I was most impressed by how involved Phon is with her students. From the beginning, I could see how Phon really cared about the success of her students, cheering us on the whole way. And she was always available for questions or advice. That type of support and encouragement was the icing on an already pretty sweet cake.”
Nicole Martindale

No need to read between the lines!
Get a quick peek inside the program:

Deep dive into what line editors do and how line editing differs from other editing skills! You’ll learn what your responsibilities are & how to work with different kinds of content in a variety of industries (hello, freedom!). We’ll also touch on how to maintain your client’s standards and style of writing.

Line editing is a delicate balance of word use, flow, tone, and messaging. In this module, we’ll show you how to work with specific issues that can affect the clarity, meaning, story, and flow of a piece of prose. You’ll also leave understanding how to address specific issues in nonfiction and business content as well as with fiction.

Assessing and polishing content for different levels of reading (and audiences) is key — we’ll focus on business and nonfiction content + teach you how to maintain a writer’s style while ensuring the language is effective and clear. You’ll also learn when to rewrite/reorganize text and when to leave it alone!

Now that you’ve got the skills, it’s time to start offering your services! We’ll walk you through how to sell the benefits of line editing to your clientele, how to price the right way, and how to work your services into an already existing editorial business. BONUS: You’ll get access to our fill-in-the-blank scripts and easy-to-use email templates to help you seal the deal.

You’ll Also Receive A Certificate In:
Line Editing

How We Break It Down

Learning on Your
Own Terms

Forget buying multiple courses to flesh out your learning and experience, we offer all the in-depth knowledge and training you need in one shot!

Our modules are packed with content (+ exercises and templates) you can easily follow at your own pace and on your own schedule.

Exclusive Tools &

Practice makes perfect! In module 2 & 3, you’ll learn how to line edit through exercises developed by us + our unique assignments (created to mimic the manuscripts & and non-fiction content you’ll work on with real clients).

We’ll also supply you with original templates to use when marketing your services!


After signing up, you’ll receive your login and access to Module 1 immediately.

Once you’ve been enrolled for 7 days, you can dive into the remaining lessons at a pace that works best for you.

What Our Students Say

“It gave me the confidence to start my own business because Phon provided easy step-by-step checklists to follow. I started my business at the same time as the course and without even completing the course yet, I already have £2,300 worth of work lined up for the next six weeks!”
Harriet James
“I love knowing I helped an author believe in themselves, get clear on their message, and make their book the best it could be. It’s also been amazing working from home and being able to shape my own schedule.”
Laura Kaiser

“It’s such a fun side gig for me! I love all the clients I work with, and I love the flexibility to work with people and projects I enjoy. There are so many diverse writers in need of editors right now; I’m just happy to be a small part of that world. I plan to make editing a full-time endeavor eventually, but starting out it’s nice to let my business grow slowly and to truly connect with my core clientele.”

Anna Nelson
“I love being my own boss and setting my own hours. Working with authors has been such a rich experience. I get to read for a living!”
Margaret Fierstine
Phon Baillie

Hi, fellow word nerds! I’m Phon.

For the last 20 years, I’ve been proofreading, editing, and teaching people around the globe how to turn their love for language into a successful editorial career.

If you’ve ever wondered whether working with words is possible, I’m here to show you it is. (No degrees or fancy schools required.)

Like you, I started my editorial business without any connections or prior experience — just a deep love for reading and a desire to learn. And now? I run the business of my dreams and help people figure out how they can do the same thing!

The Art of Line Editing has been one of my favourite courses to develop because it examines what I value most in the content I read: style. Writing is meant to make you feel something and line editing is the piece of the editing puzzle that makes sure you do.

Our program is full of fun exercises, in-depth knowledge, best-practice templates, and lots of other goodies to help you go from a beginner to a working line editor in no time!

Are you as pumped to get started as I am?

Can’t wait to see you in class!

Learn The Art Of Line Editing

Line Editing

What You Get:

What You’ll Learn


$ 297
best price


two monthly payments
$ 169/mo

The FAQs

What if I don’t have previous editing/proofreading experience?
This program is designed for anyone interested in line editing! Whether you’re an experienced copyeditor looking to add new skills and services to your biz, or a total newbie looking to learn something new, we’ve got you covered.

What happens after I join?
We’ll send an email with your login information so you can start learning instantly! You’ll get full access to Module 1 for the first 7 days — once the 7 days are up, you’ll be able to access the rest of the lessons and materials.

How’s The Art of Line Editing different from other similar courses?
Unlike other programs out there, we’ll take you from a beginner’s level to ready-to-hire status in one shot (and at a budget friendly price). Plus, we’ll teach you to market your new skills, a bonus not offered by any leading competitor, college or university.

How much time will I need to commit to each module?
Our program is self-paced, so the short answer is: it’s totally up to you! Each module is designed to take 3-5 hours to complete (depending on the exercises involved and your schedule). You’ll find all hands-on exercises in Modules 2 and 3!

Do you have a refund policy?
Yes. Of course, we want you to love The Art of Line Editing, but if you’re unhappy with the course material, you can request a refund within 7 days from the day of purchase.

The most comprehensive line editing program on the market
(at a price that can’t be beat)!


$ 297
best price


two monthly payments
$ 169/mo