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“Knowing the skill is one thing. Marketing is a whole other ball field! You can be the best editor in the world, but the least qualified person can steal your owed gigs if they know how to market better than you. Advantage Marketing helped me land a spot in the public eye and score editing gigs I otherwise would have NEVER got. Before this course, I had no clue what to do to advertise myself. Thank you, Phon, so much for helping me figure out how to market the skills you gave me!”

Mariah Krist

Scale Your Business By Focussing On What Matters

Brand Your Business

Learn how to build a brand that attracts your ideal client and differentiates you from other proofreaders and editors.

Communicate With Your Audience

Writing in a way that prompts people to take action is an art, and I’ll show you how to do it, period.

Use Social Media Like You Have An In-house Team

By breaking down the major social platforms and how to use each one for your business, you'll learn what to post, when, how and why.

Create Valuable Connections

Learn proven strategies and how to use the most powerful online marketing tool in an easy to understand way.
“Advantage Marketing has given me a ton of practical information I could immediately implement in my marketing strategy. It’s practically a gold mine!”

Bori Hoffbauer

Bori Hoffbauer Editorial

Our done-for-you bonuses take the guesswork out of marketing your biz online

Enrolling in Advantage Marketing will not only give you access to 4 training modules with lessons, exercises, tutorials, videos, action steps, and templates, but you’ll also get these exclusive bonuses for free.

Social Media
Caption Scripts

These are great because you can just fill in the blanks — no more feeling stuck about what to write or post!

Welcome Email
Sequence Template

When people join your email list, it’s important to create trust, and you’ll do just that with this welcome email sequence you can customize to your audience.

Email Newsletter

These “plug and play” newsletter templates are perfect for sending out emails your audience will appreciate, and for building your expertise.

Instagram Editorial Business Hashtag Bundle

Hashtags help people discover you and vice versa! This bundle is just for editorial pros so you can find and connect with your audience quickly.

A Private Student Community

Share ideas, get feedback and advice, or network with other editorial pros.

Join this program and gain lifetime access to the most exclusive community made up of editorial professionals

“Marketing is a scary thing for an introvert like me who equated it to going into a room full of people and rubbing shoulders with strangers and handing out business cards. Advantage Marketing took the fear out of it by showing me different avenues that can be used to market my business from the comfort of my home.”

LaToya Turner

“The marketing information in Advantage Marketing is phenomenal! Phon gives you everything you need to know to navigate the Social Media sites; how to set up your pages, when to post, what to post and how to interact. This course really opened my eyes to some different ways to market my Freelance business.”

Karen Bates

“Advantage Marketing has taught me not to be afraid of social media marketing. As much as I wanted to promote my services, I had no idea how to do that online without coming off as an unauthentic and icky salesperson. Phon’s course was very helpful and I love being able to refer back to it when I need a refresher.”

Lakeisha Cadogan

“I am not prolific on social media, mostly because it’s a lot of work and I can’t be bothered. But Phon has some solid advice and I’ve set up a schedule of posting for myself, so hopefully I can start using social media the way it’s supposed to be used! The results so far are promising!”

Vicky Haygood

“I have completed Advantage Marketing and I am happy I did it. There was so much I did not know, I am now in the process of building my website and updating my profile on Instagram and LinkedIn as a result of the new information from Advantage Marketing. Thank you, Phon.”

Andrea Crossfield

“It’s given me great ideas for social media. It’s very overwhelming when you stop and think about how many social media platforms there are and the guidelines for each. Advantage Marketing was helpful to break them down and help me figure out which two to start with.”

Michelle Merritt

“I was so grateful that Phon created the Advantage Marketing program. I know very little about social media. She goes into greater detail about how and what to use in social media to market your business, including the best ones to use for the niche(s) you want to be in.”

Andrea Baker

“Advantage Marketing is helping me learn to be strategic about marketing.”

Nicole Martindale

“Advantage Marketing has given me so many great suggestions and ideas for marketing, as well as guidance to steer me in the right direction.”

Kerri Bielma

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We've Got Answers!

This course is for editorial professionals like proofreaders, editors, book coaches, and freelance writers. However, the lessons can be applied to any industry and are for anyone who wants to know how to market themselves online.
You can do this for any niche. Whether you work for businesses, academics, writers, nonprofits or entrepreneurs, you’ll learn how to attract your ideal clients.
This course is completely self-paced so you can go through it at your convenience.
You have lifetime access to the course. Plus, you get free future upgrades and access to any future bonuses that are added.

The course is broken into 4 modules: Personal Branding, Copywriting, Social Media Marketing, and Email Marketing. The lessons are a mix of slides, text lessons, videos, and tutorials. There are worksheets and exercises to supplement your learning and execution. This makes things more manageable and you’ll see your personal brand and marketing strategy take shape as you progress.

Yes, you can! You can start whenever you’re ready once you’ve enrolled. You also get lifetime access, so you can go back and refresh your strategy and skills whenever you need.
Absolutely! I created this course so you can market yourself easily online even if you have zero or minimal experience with social media and don’t consider yourself to be a tech expert.
If you’ve just started your editorial journey, this course will put you ahead of the crowd. Imagine attracting your ideal clients from the get-go! Social media marketing is a long game, and your efforts pay off when done correctly. It’s best to start now instead of waiting.
The great thing about the system I teach in this course is that you’ll learn how to appeal to the right market and future-proof your business. In addition to developing a plan that works for your business, you’ll learn how to adjust it if necessary. I also regularly update the course so it reflects the current strategies and algorithm changes.

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