Advanced Editing And Manuscript Evaluation

Learn the highest level editorial services, and start working with clients at the earliest stage of the publishing process.

This course teaches two sought-after skills in the publishing and content industries: Developmental editing and manuscript evaluations. They are both rooted in the same understanding of story, flow and structure, and answer questions like “What needs improvement?” as you edit or do manuscript evaluations.


They are both excellent ways to increase your income and attract high-value clients.

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More About These Skills You'll Learn

Developmental Editing

Developmental editing is used by book publishers as the first stage of the editing process after receiving a manuscript from a writer. With business and nonfiction content, developmental editing is part of an editor’s role in working with content. Developmental editors work with self-publishing writers to refine their story, as well as with publishing houses, agencies, businesses and entrepreneurs.

Manuscript Evaluation

Manuscript evaluations are reports containing your professional feedback and recommendations on what works and doesn’t work in a story, and what needs to be improved and changed. Depending on the project, they can range from 4 to 25 pages in length. A manuscript evaluation does not require in-depth, page-by-page edits like developmental editing. They take a shorter amount of time to do, and are very popular with indie writers.

Introducing The Only Advanced Editing And Manuscript Evaluations Course Online:

Here’s A Peek At What You’ll Learn In Each Of Modules In This Self-Paced Course

In this module, you’ll learn what developmental editing involves, what developmental editors do and don’t do, and where the skill fits in the publishing process. You’ll also discover how manuscript editors work and how they provide value to writers.
Editors must understand genres, audience, and reader expectations. In this module, you’ll learn about editing for various audiences and how to connect the writer to the reader while following genre conventions.
Developmental editors must be knowledgeable in issues that can affect the content they work with. In this module, you’ll learn how to deal with plagiarism, copyright issues, fact checking, and other editorial considerations.
Preserving the writer’s style is the number priority for developmental writers. You’ll learn editorial standards and tools for editing content without making stylistic changes.
In this module, you’ll learn how to identify specific areas of concerns that can affect content from a developmental editor’s perspective. Learn how to fix common issues found in fiction, nonfiction, and business content.
Developmental editing provides the essential foundation for working as a manuscript evaluator. This service is also known as editorial assessments, manuscript critiques, and editorial evaluations. You’ll learn how to assess a manuscript and prepare an editorial report for writers and self-published writers so they can improve their stories for publication or consideration by publishing houses.
Now that you have the skills, it’s time to market yourself and onboard clients. This module teaches you strategies for finding clients, business communications, and managing your editorial business.

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You’ll Also Receive A Certificate In:
Developmental Editing and Manuscript Evaluation

Who is the editorial expert and mentor you get to learn from?

Hi, I'm Phon

I can’t tell you how excited I am to be offering my new program, Advanced Editing And Manuscript Evaluation (AEME). Developmental editing and manuscript evaluation are two highly sought-after skills in the publishing and content industries. What I love is that they allow you to work with publishing houses, indie writers, agencies, businesses and entrepreneurs.

You can become an editor without any prior experience or a degree with the skills you will learn in AEME. This program is perfect if you are just starting out, or if you want to add more editorial services.  

Developmental editing and manuscript evaluations are rooted in the same understanding of story and messaging. While they have some things in common, such as assessing plot, characters, logic and dialogue, they are separate services that offer unique value to the client.

See you in the program!

Phon Baillie
Founder, Edit Republic
Editorial Instructor, Mentor & Coach

Advanced Editing And Manuscript Evaluation


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Advanced Editing And Manuscript Evaluation packs developmental editing and manuscript evaluation into one comprehensive learning program that has helped students grow their editorial businesses online – and earn more money as a result.

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The FAQs

How does lifetime access sound? That’s right, you’ll have ongoing, unrestricted access to all of the Advanced Editing And Manuscript Evaluation material. The course is also regularly updated, which you get access to for free!

Nope! This course was designed so you can log in and start learning ASAP without purchasing software or books. You just need your laptop or desktop and an internet connection. 

Absolutely! Developmental editing and manuscript evaluations are location independent skills, which means you can work from anywhere in the world. 

The lessons in the course are self paced and delivered in various ways: slides, reference materials, downloads, video tutorials, text, exercises, and quizzes.

Yes! Just email us within 7 days of purchasing the program to get a full refund. 

The information made available for free is often just a portion of what you must know. There are industry standards and editorial processes you need to follow and be aware of as a professional. You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you don’t know how to handle client or content issues and can’t meet industry expectations.

Advanced Editing And Manuscript Evaluation packs over two decades’ worth of experience, insight, knowledge, and strategies so you can start working like a pro straight out of the gate.

Absolutely! We have the most comprehensive editorial training programs on the market. Our curriculum surpasses what you will learn in other online courses, publishing programs, and even editing courses taught by colleges and universities.

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