Turning A Passion For Language Into A Proofreading Side Hustle: A Teacher’s Story

It’s become increasingly popular for people to take on side jobs and turn their passions into profitable pursuits. And if you have a love of language and a sharp eye for detail, proofreading and copyediting can be the perfect side hustle.

High school teacher Melissa Bradford did just that. Growing up, she was obsessed with words and books, so it’s not a surprise that she ended up working with words as a proofreader and copy editor. While her career in education keeps her busy, Melissa also likes helping her editorial clients polish their writing for readers to enjoy.

How did she start her proofreading and copyediting side hustle? Well, it’s a great story, and one I’m excited to share because it takes you through the beginning of Melissa’s editorial journey as a newbie to confidently running her company, Melissa Proofreads. She’s proud of what she’s accomplished: “Proofreading is just me, solo. What I have done with just me and my laptop. And that’s been really cool to feel that sense of pride…”

In my video interview with Melissa, we discussed:

  • How she turned her love for language and books into a thriving side hustle
  • Her highly effective way of managing her busy schedule and editorial client work
  • Her tried-and-true tips for setting goals
  • How she discovered she has what it takes to run her own biz 
  • How long it took to land her first paying client

Melissa is a graduate of my program, The Editorial Business Bundle, and I’ve enjoyed following her on social media as she grows her biz. She has shared her journey from the start: When she enrolled in my coaching and training program, to meeting her first goal, to her plans every quarter.

If you want to know what it’s like starting out as a new proofreader and copy editor, then you’ll find my interview with Melissa both informative and inspiring.

Do you want to make extra income with a side hustle that lets you work from anywhere and set your own hours? Proofreading and editing are in-demand skills, and I have a free masterclass where I share my 4-step system for starting with no prior publishing experience. Sign up to watch it now, and to see how you can benefit from running your own editorial business!

About Melissa Bradford

Melissa Bradford of Melissa Proofreads has been editing for independent authors since July 2022 and loves getting to share her love of linguistics with fellow word nerds! By day, she teaches high school Spanish, and when she’s not working on her business, she’s usually cooking, baking, binging a show with her husband, or cuddling with her cat, Chet. Her favorite genres to read and proofread are romance, contemporary, women’s fiction, YA, and more recently, cozy mysteries! Visit her site here, or follow her on Instagram.

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