Top 5 Self-Care Tips For Freelancers

The freelance life has many wonderful benefits that motivate people to take the leap of faith and quit their full-time, 9-to-5 jobs. You can create your own schedule, take pride in working for yourself, work from anywhere in the world, have projects that inspire you, and choose who you want to work with. 

Doing all of that requires you to find balance. That means taking care of yourself. After all, you’re running a business! We’re sharing five self-care tips below to help you stay on top of your game so you run your freelance biz like the boss that you are, and enjoy every minute of it.  

Self-care tips for freelancers

Our Self-Care Tips For Freelancers

#1 Get Organized

Organize your workspace into a spot that you want to be in and show up to every day. When you work from home, it’s very easy to get sidetracked and distracted by other comfy areas, like the couch for example. Being comfortable doesn’t necessarily result in being more productive. Create a space that is conducive to working, and is free of distractions. 

It’s also important to plan out your day so you prioritize tasks that are most pressing. To run a thriving freelance business, you need to manage your time, know when to take breaks, and when to turn down work. This all comes down to being organized and knowing how much you can take on. You’ll feel confident in running your business, and you avoid burnout. Want to learn productivity tips for freelancers? Read this post.

#2 Keep A Journal

The act of writing things down and releasing any thoughts and feelings that take up prime space in your mind is a powerful and therapeutic activity. Journaling helps you to better focus on what you are feeling and what you need. It helps you to stay aligned with your own goals and how you want to achieve them. It can also remind you of your growth and encourage you to better track your progress. 

Expressive writing can, according to The Journal of Experimental Psychology, increase your working memory capacity and reduce negative and intrusive thoughts about stressful situations. 

When journaling, use prompts that encourage you to reflect on where you’re at, what you’re feeling. Remember to write what you want in life! Don’t edit yourself. Being free to express yourself is an incredible gift you can give yourself. 

Journaling is a great self-care tip because when you’re in alignment with who you are and what you need and want, you can more fully show up for your clients, family, friends, and most importantly, for yourself.

#3 Stay Active And Nurture Your Body

Eating the right foods helps to maintain focus, and increase memory and productivity. When you’re deep into proofreading and editing, it’s easy to forget to be active and to treat yourself to a nutritious meal, especially when it’s crunch time and you have a looming deadline. 

Movement and proper nutrition are essential for your mental, physical and emotional well-being. Physical activity has been proven to decrease your odds of becoming depressed, and can boost your mood by releasing dopamine and serotonin. 

Your attention span and productivity level actually increases when you give yourself a physical break. Get that blood flowing, and enjoy the many benefits of moving your body. Gym not your thing? Take walks, go for a bike ride, practice yoga, or sign up for an online workout. 

#4 Set Boundaries And Learn To Say “No”

This can be one of the most difficult things to do, especially when starting your business. You don’t want to disappoint clients or send the message that you aren’t capable of taking on more work. But in order to avoid burnout, and to decrease the chance of feeling overwhelmed with work, it’s important to know how to say “no.” 

Know your boundaries. Decide how much work you can take on and what projects are important to you. Be honest with your clients or prospective clients about what projects you can take on, and when you can complete them. Stretching yourself too thin puts you in danger of not being able to consistently do good work that you are proud of and that clients expect. 

#5 Enjoy Some Social Time

Being a freelancer can be a lonely endeavor and can be quite isolating. Make a coffee date with a friend or reach out to other freelancers. It’s important to have a network of people who support you and encourage you to keep going, especially when you are being challenged or are feeling stressed out. 

Connecting with others also helps your mood and even your business. It’s helpful to have someone to bounce ideas off of, to vent to, or to get advice from. You also need to have supports in place for those times when you simply need to talk and get out of work mode. 

Did you like the self-care tips for freelancers?

These self-care tips for freelancers are just a few ideas. We hope you take the time to give yourself a break and find balance within your days as a freelancer. Doing so will help you thrive and continue to enjoy working for yourself and to enjoy the freelance lifestyle.

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