Start A Proofreading And Editing Business You’re Passionate About

If you want to start a proofreading and editing business, and you have an interest you’re passionate about, then with dedication, you’ll be able to combine the two into a job you love.

I recently interviewed Tori-Jada Bascombe, who runs her editorial business, 1522 Editorial, from her home in London, England. Tori merged her love of gaming with her passion for words to proofread video scripts. Video game scripts hold lots of opportunities for proofreaders and editors, and is a quickly growing field. She also keeps herself open to working with content in various industries, including book publishing.

In this video interview, we chatted about:

  • What it’s like to proofread and copyedit business, web, and social media content
  • Her niche market: video game scripts
  • How she uses social media to find clients
  • How Tori-Jada quickly gained experience and landed clients
  • What it’s like to proofread US and UK English 
  • How being a business owner has grown her confidence
  • What her average day is like juggling her proofreading and editing business and tutoring

I also asked Tori-Jada what advice she’d like to share with others who want to start their own freelance proofreading and editing businesses. You’d be surprised at her answer, but it makes sense!

I really enjoyed doing this interview with Tori-Jada, who was so open and welcoming. Enjoy the video!

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About Tori-Jada Bascombe

Tori-Jada Bascombe is a proofreader and copy editor based in London, England. She enjoys working with businesses, writers, academics, and creatives on a variety of content. When she’s not managing her business, you can find her gaming to unwind and to connect with friends. To learn more about Tori-Jada, you can visit her website at 1522 Editorial, or on Instagram and LinkedIn.

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