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Do you want to become a proofreader, copy editor or editor and want to know if it’s for you? If your answer is Yes!, then you’ll want to read the three case studies below of people who turned their love of reading into a successful proofreading and editing business. They each showcase the different types you can have as a proofreader or editor. 

Our first case study highlights a mother who works part time so she can prioritize her family. The second features a side hustle proofreading romance books. The third case study is on a full-time proofreading business that focuses on Christian content. Each is inspiring and gives you an insight into the different professional paths that await.

proofreading and editing business

Case Study #1

Putting Family First And Editing Part-Time 

LaToya Turner, Creative Culture Editorial Services

Proofreader, Copy Editor & Editor

LaToya Turner is thriving in her editorial business and working the way she wants. Her top priority is her family, so while her children are young, LaToya runs her home-based proofreading and editing business on a part-time basis. 

LaToya’s first experience in proofreading was with legal transcripts, which she didn’t enjoy. She wanted to work with a variety of content, to learn about the publishing industry, and to have more impact with clients. That led her to the editorial programs at Edit Republic where she learned proofreading, copyediting, and line editing. 

In our programs, we help you start proofreading and editing businesses from scratch. LaToya learned about publishing standards and processes so she could work with self-published writers. She also discovered how to work with businesses, brands, and entrepreneurs so she could support them with their content creation. After working on various kinds of content, LaToya discovered she really enjoyed working with entrepreneurs. Now she works with women entrepreneurs, proofreading and editing their digital and social content.

proofreading and editing business, Latoya
LaToya Turner is able to focus on family while running her editorial business.

LaToya credits her success with the expert care she puts into each of her projects. Her clients appreciate her attention to detail and her knowledge of content and publishing standards.  She has successfully grown her clientele through word of mouth, and loves how flexible and fruitful her editorial business has been. In fact, she funds her other business venture with her editing income. 

You have to admire LaToya’s desire to create an impact in both her professional and personal life. She has clear boundaries that have allowed her to maintain a sustainable work-life balance. She is definitely an inspiration for any parent or guardian who is looking to start a home-based business.

To learn more about LaToya and her business, watch this video interview.

Case Study #2

A Side Hustle Proofreading Romance 

Christine Wheary, CM Wheary Editing

Proofreader & Copy Editor

Christine Wheary loves her side hustle as a proofreader and copy editor. As a lifelong romance reader, it was a dream job to work on love stories and to help romance writers. How did she start?

With a career in medical research, Christine wanted to work on projects that brought her personal fulfillment. She also wanted to prepare for retirement down the road; her plans included supplementing her income with something she enjoyed.

When Christine first heard Edit Republic’s founder, Phon Baillie, on a podcast talking about running a proofreading and editing business, what really stood out to her was that Phon worked in the romance genre. 

That’s when she decided to become a freelance proofreader and copy editor for romance books. She joined High-Level Proofreading And Copyediting Pro, learned about the publishing industry, and gained valuable proofreading and copyediting skills. She also discovered what the expectations and standards are for fiction books, and how to market herself to clients in her niche. 

A big bonus was getting insider’s knowledge from an editor (Phon), of the unique editorial issues fiction books have compared to other kinds of content. All of the skills, knowledge and strategies she acquired led to happy clients who rave about Christine’s work. They continually recommend her to their network of romance writers. You can’t beat a glowing referral!

proofreading and editing business, christine
Christine Wheary is the go-to proofreader and copy editor for many romance writers.

Since starting her side hustle, Christine is now the go-to proofreader and copy editor for many writers in the romance genre. She has even been featured in national media! Her editorial business has grown so much that she has transitioned to a part-time position in her medical career so she can scale her clientele. She has a roster of longtime regular clients, and her calendar is booked months in advance.

When you are passionate about what you do, making time for a side hustle doesn’t feel like “work.” The beauty of a proofreading and copyediting side hustle is that it is flexible. You can easily manage it around your career and other obligations. And if you love to read, there is A LOT of reading involved, though it never feels like a chore. In Christine’s words, “I really, really love reading romance while helping writers improve their product.” As you can see, that passion has really paid off.

If you want to read more about Christine, check out this interview with her here.

Case Study #3

Finding Happiness Running A Full-Time Editorial Biz

Callie Walker, Proof Corrections By Callie

Proofreader & Copy Editor

Callie Walker used to wonder what it would be like to be her own boss. She didn’t enjoy following someone else’s rules and schedule, and she knew that working for herself would be her path to freedom and fulfillment.

Once Callie discovered that proofreading was for her, she joined our proofreading and copyediting coaching and training program, High-Level Proofreading And Copyediting Pro. She wanted to learn from an experienced editor who could give her invaluable knowledge. The skills and strategies she gained gave her the confidence to start her own editorial business, Proof Corrections by Callie. Applying what she learned about marketing, she approached businesses and writers, and soon she was proofreading her first book. 

Callie started her business working on different kinds of fiction, but quickly realized that she preferred Christian and clean content. She made the decision to pivot her business to focus solely on those genres, and the move proved successful. Now she’s proofreading books and content that are aligned with her faith, gaining referral work from writers, and building a solid clientele list. 

proofreading and editing business, callie
Callie Walker has found happiness with running an editorial business that is aligned with her values.

Callie also truly enjoys the freedom and flexibility that being her own boss has given her. She takes breaks whenever she wishes, sets her own hours, and loves that every day is different. She says, “It has given me so much freedom, being my own boss, setting my own schedule. It’s so nice. It’s taken off the stress of working for someone else.”

A proofreading and editing business can suit your preferences as a business owner — you determine how you want to work! And proofreaders and editors for Christian and faith-based content are in demand since there is a lot of content being created in those genres. Whatever genre you wish to work in, knowing how to meet your clients’ expectations, and then delivering expert results, is the key to success. You can learn more about Callie and her business in this interview.

How About You?

If you were inspired by any of our proofreading and editing business case studies, and would love to have the same level of fulfillment and success, we can help you! 

Your first step is to watch our free training masterclass. It gives you foundational knowledge so you know what it takes to start and grow your own editorial business. There is also a special bonus waiting at the end, so make sure you sign up to watch the masterclass now.

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