Want To Proofread Romance Books? Watch This Interview!

Have you always wanted to proofread romance books? Romance is one of the most popular fiction genres in publishing. In fact, romance writing is a billion-dollar industry that continues to see massive growth. It also holds a lot of opportunities for proofreaders and editors!

Three years ago, I interviewed Christine Wheary for my blog (back then it was known as Art of Proofreading). At the time she was proofreading romance novels as a side hustle in addition to her career in medical research. One of her goals was to create a way to make extra income during her retirement, and to eventually focus more time towards her editorial business. 

I often have people ask me how our grads and past interviewees are doing, and if I keep in touch with them. I absolutely do! And it’s my pleasure to watch their editorial businesses and careers grow. 

I caught up with Christine recently and we sat down for a virtual chat. Aside from becoming an in-demand romance proofreader and copy editor, Christine’s editorial business has grown in many ways.

Watch my interview with Christine to learn more about:

  • How she started proofreading romance books with no prior experience and grew it into a lucrative business
  • Why proofreading doesn’t feel like “work” for her
  • How she transitioned from her career in medical to a career in editorial 
  • How our program, High-Level Proofreading And Copyediting Pro, provided her with the skills, knowledge and confidence to pursue her editorial dreams
  • What she does to combat Imposter Syndrome
  • How her editorial business has impacted her life, including how she now has more freedom in her days

 For this interview, I tried a new format, and I hope you enjoy it!

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About Christine

Christine Wheary is a proofreader and copy editor who works with nonfiction content and fiction novels. Through her business, CM Wheary Editing, she enjoys supporting writers and helping them create their best work possible. She specializes in the romance genre and has proofread and copyedited novellas and full-length novels in numerous romance subgenres. You can find Christine on LinkedIn and @cmwheary on Instagram.

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Get your FREE eBook! Winning With Words: The Ultimate Guide To Freelance Proofreading And Copyediting

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