Want To Make Money Reading? How One Woman Did It

Can you really make money reading? Honestly — yes, you can. When Mary Cantor discovered proofreading and editing, she was intrigued. She grew up a huge reader, studied English in school, and liked the idea of making money doing something she already loved.

That brought Mary to my program, High-Level Proofreading And Copyediting Pro, which led to landing a part-time position with a book publisher. Mary’s story is really inspiring and is a great example of what happens when you stop waiting for the “perfect moment” to start something new.

In our interview, we discussed: 

  • How she landed her first client shortly after finishing her training
  • Why proofreading and editing is like video games for word nerds
  • How our program prepared her for a publisher’s test and running her biz
  • What her average day is like balancing a career and her editorial side hustle
  • How Mary prioritizes self-care into her busy schedule
  • Plus lots more! 

“It’s really been fun to expand my knowledge and skill set by reading, which is a thing I already love to do, and that already comes naturally to me.” — Mary Cantor

If you enjoy reading and can imagine doing it for a couple hours every day, watch my interview with Mary below!

Do you want to make money reading too? A part-time or full-time proofreading and copyediting biz can fit into any type of schedule.

My FREE masterclass is your first step. You’ll learn strategies on how to start, industry expectations, and lots more about becoming a freelance proofreader and copy editor. You can sign up here to watch it now.

About Mary Cantor

Mary Cantor helps writers, publishers and small businesses polish their content and put their best work forward. When she’s not reading for work or for fun, she can be found hiking, running marathons, and spending time with her husband and dog, Maisy.

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