Learn How This Editor Scaled Her Freelance Editing Business

Julie Overpeck’s life is surrounded by books. During the day, she is a school librarian. On Instagram, she is known as Mrs. O’s Library, where she shares book reviews with her dedicated followers. And in the evenings and weekends, she runs her freelance editing business where she proofreads and edits for writers, publishers, and educators. It’s safe to say that Julie loves words!

I had the pleasure of sitting down for a virtual chat with Julie the other day. It was so great to catch up with her. The last time we talked one-on-one was during a coaching call for High-Level Proofreading And Copyediting Pro students, when Julie was just starting her freelance editing business. She is also a student in our Art Of Line Editing and Advanced Editing And Manuscript Evaluation programs.

Since then, Julie has grown her biz into a rewarding side hustle. What has been the key to her success? Developing a strong, trusting relationship with her clients. Finding the right proofreader and editor can be stressful, and clients are relieved when they discover she can help them with other editorial skills besides proofreading. 

What has been her favourite part of being an editor? “I like the flexibility. Being a freelancer, I can work when I want to and take a break when I want to.”

In my interview with Julie, we discussed:

  • How she grew her income by offering more editing skills
  • Why she educates clients on the differences between each editorial skill
  • Where she is currently finding a lot of clients
  • How she balances her time between her day job, editing, and family life
  • How her editorial business has impacted her life

Julie also shares some great advice if you’re thinking of getting into proofreading and editing. I thought it was very helpful, and if you want to hear it, watch our interview below! Please note that in the intro, I accidentally called Julie and Edit Republic “admin.” She’s actually an Edit Republic alum!

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About Julie Overpeck

Julie Overpeck is a part-time editor and proofreader and full-time school librarian from North Carolina. Her favorite projects are YA novellas, educational products, and memoirs. When she’s not working or editing, Julie loves to read, review books online, hike with her husband in the mountains, and visit her two children at graduate school. You can find her on Instagram, LinkedIn, or on her website at mrsoslibrary.com.

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