How This Freelance Line Editor Achieves Freedom And Flexibility

Running your own editing company guarantees you one thing: every day is different. Cassie Armstrong has been a professional proofreader and editor for 16 years, and loves how her work revolves around her life. If she wants to go to the beach, she can work in the sun. Recently, she took 3 hours off work to bake a cake from scratch in the middle of the day!

This kind of flexibility is common for editorial pros, which is what drew Cassie to proofreading and editing in the first place. She left a career teaching English in college to work at home so she could raise her grandson. Immediately, she loved it, and says, “I wish I had started sooner.”

Cassie runs her business, Morning Star Editing LLC, from home and she works with clients from all over the world. She specializes in craft and textiles, cookbooks, children’s fiction, and Americanization of content.

In my video interview with Cassie, we discussed:

  • The importance of maintaining the writer’s style and how line editing is the perfect skill for that goal
  • How our course, The Art of Line Editing, helped her master line editing
  • A little-known niche that Cassie specializes in 
  • How every day is different when you run your own editing company
  • What success really means 
  • What her “average” day is like
  • And lots more!

I loved chatting with Cassie because we had a lot in common. Like me, she has seen how writing and client expectations have changed. I am really grateful we had the chance to talk. 

Cassie is a graduate of my program, The Art of Line Editing, which we discussed in the video. I hope you enjoy our interview as much as I did. 

Cassie grew her editorial business by adding line editing to her services. If you want to learn more about line editing and how it is the only editorial skill that involves rewriting and editing for style, I have a free email course for you. Line Editing 101 gives you a fantastic introduction to what this in-demand skill involves. You can sign up and get your first lesson in minutes.

About Cassie Armstrong

Cassie Armstrong is the owner of MorningStar Editing LLC, where she works with individual authors, packagers, and publishers of adult fiction, nonfiction, and children’s fiction. Working with words is her passion. Cassie loves editing children’s books, cookbooks, and craft books, and she loves helping authors achieve their goals. When she’s not editing she loves to laugh, bake, listen to music, and learn new things—like crochet and knitting stitches. You can find her online and on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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