How This Digital Nomad Runs Her Editorial Biz Abroad

In a world where remote work is becoming increasingly popular, it’s not surprising that people are packing their bags to become digital nomads. Being able to work from anywhere is the perfect fit for proofreaders and editors because of the flexible nature of the work. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection, and you’re good to go!

It’s inspiring to meet people who have managed to combine their passion for travel with their career goals. Life is short, so why not create a business that lets you live how you want? I recently had an amazing interview with someone who has done just that.

Nicole Marron is a proofreader and copy editor who runs her editorial biz, Nicole Marron Editorial, effortlessly while traveling the world. She combined her love of reading, writing, and travelling to create an editorial business that is perfect for her. 

“It’s impacted my life significantly. It’s given me this opportunity to go out and do things that are super fulfilling to me like travelling and experiencing different cultures, but also being able to use my skills in a way that helps other people.”

In our conversation, we discussed:

  • Nicole’s journey of starting her own editorial business
  • How she balances work and the fun of exploring a new country
  • What she finds rewarding about working with personal development content
  • The two things she needs to run her freelance editing biz from anywhere
  • What her day as a digital nomad looks like

During our interview, it was very obvious to me that being an editorial business owner suits Nicole to a T. She has achieved something everyone deserves in their life: freedom and flexibility to live as you wish. Nicole is a graduate of my program, High-Level Proofreading And Copyediting Pro, and it makes my heart full to see her thrive personally and as an editorial expert in her niche. She is truly doing life on her terms! 

Nicole’s story is proof that whatever you want to achieve is possible with determination and creativity. Watch my video interview with her and get inspired to start an editorial business that fits you perfectly.

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About Nicole Marron

Nicole Marron is the owner of Nicole Marron Editorial, where she works with publishers, businesses, entrepreneurs, and authors by offering copyediting and proofreading services. She works with a variety of content but specializes in self-help and nonfiction books. Her mission is to help impactful authors share their message clearly. Nicole is a traveler and has visited nine countries in the past year alone—she’s grateful her editing business gives her the freedom to work from anywhere! You can connect with Nicole on Instagram and LinkedIn.

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