How Amanda’s Editorial Business Was The Perfect Career Change

Making a career change is a big decision that impacts every area of your life. Some reasons why people switch include: more happiness and personal fulfillment, the ability to work on your terms, and better work-life balance.

Amanda Rosehart is a self-professed grammar nerd who had a demanding career in neuroscience research. While she enjoyed what she did, she also struggled with sleep issues, which affected her mental health. Her family, friends, and health were important to her, and she wanted to prioritize them. Taking in all of that, she knew it was time for a change.

When she discovered proofreading and editing through an Edit Republic post on Instagram, she realized it was the perfect opportunity to blend her logical, analytical mind with her love of words. Amanda had entertained starting her own business before in the past, but now felt like the right time. After enrolling and graduating from our program, High-Level Proofreading And Copyediting Pro, she started her proofreading and editing business slowly with side gigs until she was ready to fully transition out of the scientific field.

I had a chat with Amanda recently, and we discussed how different her life is now that she calls the shots in her career. She’s grateful to be proofreading and editing diverse content in fields like engineering, fantasy fiction, and gaming. Working from home has allowed her to focus on what matters most to her. It also suits her perfectly since she is a night owl.

“I also like being able to work literally anywhere. I like variety, so if I get tired of my office, I just pick up my laptop and move outside.”

In our video chat, we discussed:

  • Why Amanda decided to switch careers from science to editorial 
  • What it was like to make a career change and how it has impacted her life
  • How her editorial business has allowed her to prioritize her physical and mental health
  • The way her confidence grew after starting her business
  • How High-Level Proofreading And Copyediting Pro showed her what proofreaders and editors really do
  • Her main goal as an editor 
  • Plus lots more!

If you’re thinking of making a career change, Amanda’s story of what it was like to make such a big switch, and the end result, will definitely inspire you.

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About Amanda Rosehart

Amanda Rosehart is the owner of Manatee Editing. Her goal is to help writers get their ideas on paper and share them with the world. While she loves everything fantasy, she also loves to nerd out about science. She is often seen trying to survive the zombie apocalypse (on the computer) or cuddling up with her spouse, cats, and ferrets. You can learn more about Amanda at her website or on Facebook.

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