Finding Success: Interview With A Business Editing Pro

Kim Kanski launched her career in business editing when she asked herself the question: “What do I want to do for the next 20-25 years?” She knew she didn’t want to be working long hours teaching yoga, which was her previous job. For Kim, it was about the long term-projection of her future and career.

After graduating from our training programs, Kim focused on business editing. Working with business communications proved to be financially and professionally rewarding. In this video interview, you’ll discover how she landed a global corporate client via networking, what Kim loves about business editing, and how her editorial business has impacted her life. 

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In our interview, Kim goes beyond business editing and also shares:

  • Why she wanted to work from home
  • What cold call emailing has done for her biz
  • The skills she gained to start her business editing services
  • How networking has been the most effective way to grow her clientele
  • What her average day is like balancing parenting, running a biz, and finding time for self-care

Kim’s journey to creating an editorial business that fulfills her and gives her the freedom to spend more time with her family is inspiring. She shares lots of great tips and is so honest and transparent in our chat. I thoroughly enjoyed our discussion, and am so happy about all of Kim’s success. 

About Kim Kanski

Kim Kanski started her business, Kanski Editorial, after recognizing it was time for a pivot in her career. After taking courses through Edit Republic, she launched her business in January of 2022. Line editing and copyediting are the two services she leans on most frequently; being able to combine those two skill sets has proven to be a valuable asset for her clients. Kim has an extensive background in the corporate health and wellness industry, and she has found she really enjoys working with larger companies for their editing needs. She has big visions on how she’d like her company to continue growing, and she’s thrilled to be a partner in the process of putting out great content for the world to read.

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