Why An Editorial Business Is Perfect For College Grads

After years of hard work and study, you’ve graduated from college or university and feel ready to take on the world. However, you may be wondering, what are the best jobs for college grads? What do I do now? It’s important to think about potential jobs after college. Keep reading to find out how the editorial world is overflowing with possibilities waiting for you!

Best jobs for college grads

Why Work In Editorial?

Do you like reading? Do you enjoy working alone? Can you spot spelling errors easily? Then proofreading and copyediting may be the job for you!

As an editorial pro, you can work from the convenience of your own home. You also don’t need to go out on the most expensive equipment to start working. Here’s what you need to get started:

  • A computer
  • A can-do attitude
  • Internet connection

If you’re an introvert and prefer an at-home job doing something you love, this is for you. Client communications are done via email, which means you don’t have to talk on the phone or meet in person to discuss projects.

Since this is remote work, you can work anywhere and make your own hours. You’re your own boss! Proofreading and copyediting are also the best jobs for college grads because you can travel and see the world while making money. Your clientele can be from anywhere; you can find clients worldwide and from wherever you are.

Start A Side Hustle Reading

Let’s face it — after finally getting that degree, you probably want a side hustle that is flexible and can be done with little stress. Proofreading and copyediting are some of the easiest jobs on the job market. As a proofreader or copy editor, you get paid to read and work with content in all industries.

An editorial side hustle can be managed around your schedule because proofreading and copyediting can be done in small chunks of time. So if you have 20 minutes to spare on your lunch break or after dinner, you can still get work done. As long as you meet your deadlines, you can work around your personal and professional life. 

As a side note, you likely want to quickly pay off those pesky student loans. By making this your side hustle, you can use the extra money to pay off your debt even faster!

The Best Jobs For College Grads 


Proofreading is the easiest on the list. It’s the final step of the publishing process, meaning the hardest work has already been done.

Your job is to check the last draft of a writer’s text and ensure there are no errors. Proofreaders focus on spelling and grammar, punctuation, word use, and formatting. You’re doing a basic “surface check.”


Copyediting is a step up from proofreading, and is a deeper look into the technical aspects of content. While it also corrects spelling and grammar errors, it also looks at  issues like consistency and style. You also research to validate content information and create style guides to follow a writer’s style. Copyediting doesn’t normally involve rewrites, but it does when absolutely necessary.

Line Editing

Line editing is a higher editorial skill and doesn’t correct technical errors. A line editor focuses on style, the writer’s voice, and how effectively words are being used. They edit to bring clarity and a smooth style to the message. The editor goes through content line by line while focusing on word use and good flow.

Developmental Editing

Developmental editing is the first step of the editing process after the content has been written. These editors work with books and other content, even digital, and the editor will assess how the overall picture flows together.

In this phase, you can rewrite, reorganize, remove, add, and edit whatever is necessary to make the story its best.

Want to learn more about these different editing skills? Check out this article here!

Start With No Prior Experience

As you can see, to be a proofreader or editor is achievable, whether you want to do it full-time or as a side hustle. As long as you have professional training, know industry expectations, and can meet client expectations, you can start with no prior experience. 

At Edit Republic, we’ve helped hundreds of college grads turn their love of reading into serious money-making skills. All you need is the right training and a desire to always learn.

To learn the exact strategies on how to start and find clients, catch our free masterclass to see how you can begin in under 30 days. It’s on-demand, and you can sign up here.

Becoming An Editorial Pro Can Help Your Career

You’re looking to build experience and find the best jobs for college grads; something you’ll enjoy and take pride in. Your degree is an excellent starting point, but what companies want is knowledge or experience. What useful skills do you have?

Becoming a proofreader or editor helps to establish potential career goals and to give an employer confidence in hiring you. You also become a content expert in that particular field, which is important since content is considered “king” in business.

Learn to put your mind to work and, as you work on real-world projects, you gain valuable experience and knowledge. 

You also get a taste of the business world; learn project management, how to handle clients (good and bad), what to do when a project goes awry, and much more. All of these are valuable for any career.

Here’s a list of a few industries you can work in:

  • Publishing
  • Education
  • Business
  • Technology
  • Science
  • Finance
  • Art & Entertainment
  • Health

What Skills Do I Need?

What makes proofreading, copyediting, and editing excellent ways to earn a living is that you don’t need a specific degree or have to go back to school. If you have a degree, it’s a bonus.

Here are a few core qualities you need to be a proofreader, copy editor, or editor:

  • A love for reading
  • Strong grasp on the English language
  • Keen eye for detail
  • Acceptance of diverse language styles
  • Willingness to learn business

You don’t need to conform to strict English guidelines like you did in grade school. In fact, you’re expected to preserve the writer’s voice and to respect creative writing. For example, it’s okay to start a sentence with a preposition!

Here’s another article that talks about the skills you need to become a proofreader without a degree!


As you can see, some of the best jobs for college grads are in editorial. When you become a proofreader or editor, you’ll find a new career path that will open many doors. You’ll find a sense of fulfillment and discover new strengths you didn’t realize you had. It will be a truly rewarding experience.

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