Editor In New York: How One Woman Made Her Dream Come True

Did you know that proofreaders and editors are always learning? Due to the nature of our jobs — we read and consume information continuously — there is a lot of exposure to new ideas, stories, opinions, and discoveries. Quin Clark is a proofreader and editor based in New York City, and she loves working on a variety of content and learning new things every day.

As a graduate of my High-Level Proofreading And Copyediting Pro program, Quin was serious about making her editorial business a success. Armed with her knowledge and skills, she knew she’d “have to jump out on faith and give it all I’ve got and go from there.”

So Quin quit her job and for six months worked hard to establish herself, and it paid off. Now she is living her editorial dreams in the publishing capital of the world and working on her terms. About her career as an editor, she says, “I love the freedom.”

I recently sat down for a video chat with Quin, who had so much to share. 

In our interview we discussed:

  • Quin’s journey from quitting her job to growing her biz in 6 months
  • How she landed a full-time position as a content editor in New York for a marketing firm 
  • Her past experience in editorial and how this time it was different
  • How she plans to expand her business with a new editorial service
  • Her tip for discovering if proofreading is for you
  • Plus lots more!

“Every time I talk about what I do it’s with love. It’s with excitement, and I want to tell everyone about it.” — Quin Clark

Quin is a strong and confident young woman, and it was so inspirational to hear how she took a chance and went all in on her dream. I hope you find it motivating, too.

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About Quin Clark

Quin Clark runs her business, Quin Clark Editorial Services, from New York City. She is a bookworm with a knack for transforming stories into readable art. Her clientele includes authors, creatives, and businesses. Quin ensures that every project is approached with respect and care. You can learn more about Quin Clark Editorial Services and connect with her on Instagram.

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