10 Best Books For A Cozy Fall Read In 2023

It’s autumn and we are excited to share our top 10 best books for a cozy fall read in 2023! This year’s list will have you cuddling under the blankets and sipping on a hot cup of tea or a pumpkin latte. Light some candles as you get lost in our recommended fall books that include mystery, horror, romance, and cozy stories. There’s even something for foodies. Happy Reading!

1. Mother-Daughter Murder Night: A Novel by Nina Simon

cozy fall read 2023

New York Times Bestseller and Reese’s Book Club Pick, Mother-Daughter Murder Night is Nina Simon’s debut mystery novel. Simon wrote this book as a love letter to her mother, whom she shares a passion of murder mysteries with. When her mother got sick, Simon brainstormed with her in hospital waiting rooms about the characters and the story. It was a way for them to connect and find some joy during their difficult time. If you like an entertaining and lighthearted whodunit filled with humor and family drama, this is the novel for you. It involves a strong-willed grandmother-mother-daughter trio who become amateur sleuths when Jack, the teen granddaughter, finds a dead body while kayaking. Quickly, Jack becomes a suspect in the investigation. Now these three ladies must bond together and solve the mystery before one of them ends up in jail!

2. Midnight is the Darkest Hour by Ashley Winstead

cozy fall read 2023

Murder, obsession and evil heavily lurk in critically acclaimed author Ashley Winstead’s latest novel, Midnight is the Darkest Hour. Fans of A Flicker in the Dark will enjoy this thrilling journey to Bottom Springs, Louisiana. It is where the God-fearing townsfolk are haunted by a vampire-like figure known as the Low Man. Stories of this figure that sneaks into sinners’ bedrooms to kill them on moonless nights haunt the residents. It is the only thing they fear more than the Devil. When a skull is found in Starry Swamp, preacher’s daughter, Ruth, and her friend Everett, the boy from the wrong side of the tracks, take it upon themselves to solve the crime. They also must unravel the town’s secrets in order to uncover the ugly, evil truth. The eerie setting and events in this cozy fall read will have you hooked from the very beginning!

3. Holly by Stephen King

Fans of Stephen King will recognize the character of Holly Gibney from several of his previous books. It’s a character the author has said, “stole his heart.”  In King’s latest novel, Holly receives a call at her detective agency while she is attending her mother’s funeral. That call sets her down a dark and thrilling path. It is from Penny Dahl, whose daughter, Bonnie, has gone missing. As Holly sets off to investigate the disappearance, she uncovers an emerging pattern of disappearances. They link to a strange couple who are semi-retired professors. The couple hide dark secrets in the basement of their home, and are involved in bizarre practices. As Holly pieces this mystery together, she begins to suspect that thecouple may be involved in Bonnie’s disappearance as well. Holly will need to outsmart and outmaneuver them in order to unmask the truth and solve the case!  

4. Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman 

cozy fall read 2023

This oldie but goodie is the perfect fall read, and will keep you entranced with the lives of the Owen sisters. Practical Magic is the first book in the highly popular book series by Alice Hoffman. Gillian and Sally Owens are enjoying themselves after escaping an unhappy life in their Massachusetts town. Blamed for just about everything that had gone wrong, they were taunted, shunned and made to feel like outsiders. Worse, their aunts with their magical concoctions, did not do anything to silence the whispers of witchery. Gillian and Sally thought they were free from their old hometown until something happens and they must return back to their past. You’ll discover why this book is everyone’s fave cozy fall read.

5. The Lost Bookshop by Evie Woods

cozy fall read 2023

The Lost Bookshop is a charming and magical novel filled with mystery, heartbreak, romance, courage and hope. This wonderful cozy fall read will have you mesmerized from the first page. This is one of those books that will be hard to put down. The dual timeline story takes you to a quiet street in Dublin where a lost bookshop has vanished. The story is narrated by three characters. One timeline is told from Opaline’s point of view in 1921. Another is told from Martha and Henry’s point of view in the present. The magical bookshop casts its spell on these three strangers, letting them see just how extraordinary their own lives are. As they set about unlocking the mystery of its existence, what will happen when they discover the bookstore never existed? 

6. None of This Is True by Lisa Jewell

None of This Is True is a psychological thriller that will have you flipping the pages in anticipation. The instant New York Times bestselling novel is a chilling read with unsettling twists and turns. The story revolves around two strangers who share the same birthday and chose the same location to celebrate. Popular podcaster Alix Summer is at her local pub when she meets Josie Fair, who is also celebrating her birthday. A few days later they bump into each other again coincidentally. At first, Alix is unsure about Josie, but she decides to feature her in her podcast anyways. It soon becomes clear to Alix that Josie is hiding some dark secrets. However, Josie has already worked her way into Alix’s life and home. Suddenly, Josie disappears, leaving Alix and her family in grave danger and the subject of her own true crime podcast!

7. The City Baker’s Guide to Country Living by Louise Miller (older book)

The City Baker’s Guide to Country Living is the ultimate cozy fall read. Pastry chef Olivia Rawlings finds herself out of a job after unintentionally setting fire to the Boston dinner club she worked at. She escapes to the cozy Vermont town where her best friend lives, and takes a job at the Sugar Maple Inn. Livvy grows to love the quirky characters in this town and feels right at home. However, will she have to make a decision to flee again when a new arrival comes to town? Or stay in a place with people who make her feel as if she belongs. This is a cozy read for foodies, sprinkled with romance and mouth-watering detailed descriptions of yummy treats. It even includes a recipe at the end. 

8. The Dead Romantics by Ashley Poston

This Good Morning America Book Club pick is Ashley Poston’s adult debut. The Dead Romantics is full of hope and encouraging confirmation that things can get better. Florence Day is a ghostwriter for a romance author, but is herself struggling to write and believe in love after a horrible breakup. She thinks love is dead. Not exactly the right mindset to be in when writing romance, right? She expects to lose her career when her new editor refuses to give her an extension. On top of that, she learns that her father has passed, and she must return home after a decade away. The home where she felt she didn’t belong, but where her loving family and their funeral parlor are. Nothing has changed, or so it seems, until she spots a very handsome ghost at the front doors of her family’s funeral home. The ghost seems confused as to why he is there. Florence soon finds out there is more she has to learn about love stories. And she may question whether love is or isn’t dead.

9. The Coworker By Freida McFadden

This instant New York Times and USA Today bestseller is the perfect thriller for fall. You’ll have a hard time putting this unforgettable thriller down. The Coworker centers around two women, a crime, and an office filled with secrets. Accountant Dawn Schiff is one of those women. Her coworkers find her strange. She doesn’t have any friends at work and can always be found at her desk by 8:45 a.m. Until one day she doesn’t show up for work. Her popular coworker Natalie Farrell, who is a top sales rep at the company, is shocked by Dawn’s absence. One day, Natalie receives an unsettling phone call from an anonymous person. She discovers that Dawn was targeted and now Natalie is caught up in a deadly cat-and-mouse game that leaves her questioning everything. The twists and turns will hold your attention even after you finish the book! 

10. Fall of Ruin and Wrath by Jennifer L. Armentrout

This fantasy romance series for adults is one of the most anticipated books this fall. It’s packed with romance, suspense, magic, great characters, and mystery! Fall of Ruin and Wrath introduces us to Calista, who lives in a city that exits after the world was destroyed by evil gods. It is fraught with monsters and dangers, but Calista’s intuitive superpower is most valuable to those who crave power. In exchange for her protection from the evil beings, she agrees to be a courtesan to Baron of Archwood, and to grant him information. But one day her intuition leads her to a traveling prince who is in grave danger and needs her help. Calista equally feels like he could bring her great joy as well as doom. At the same time there is a rebellion taking hold of the. Will her intuition keep her heart safe and her life from doom?

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