Why I Changed Art of Proofreading To Edit Republic

Over the course of my 20 years as an editor, I’ve had countless people ask me how they, too, can become proofreaders and editors. And 14 years ago, when I left my in-house job at a publishing house to become a freelance editor, people started asking how they can do what I do in order to have the same flexibility and freedom in their day.

That’s when I had my “aha!” moment. I realized that I could take all of my years of experience, and real-world knowledge of the publishing industry that I never learned in publishing school, and share that with others. I decided to start training people in proofreading and copyediting. They’re not just the first set of skills you need to start working in editorial, they are skills that I used to build a successful editorial business. 

As a result of my career in the editing industry, I knew exactly what was required and what clients expected, and that it was possible for people to do what I do without prior experience or an English degree. 

That led to the fulfilling journey of starting and running Art of Proofreading. Through it, I have been able to connect with word lovers from around the world; people who, like me, grew up with a passion for reading and a desire to work with words. 

Soon after, I launched my training program, High-Level Proofreading And Copyediting Pro, which teaches people how to start editorial businesses proofreading and copyediting. It is a cumulation of my real-world experience, industry standards, editorial skills and insider’s knowledge. 

High-Level Proofreading And Copyediting Pro and its student and alumni community have allowed me to mentor people as they start exciting new journeys in their lives. I am committed to helping them achieve the same level of success I have.

Student Successes

Since I started Art of Proofreading, a lot has changed, and the little editorial teaching site I began from my dining table has grown to help thousands of people proofread and copyedit. They’ve been able to start their own editorial businesses, to work on their terms, and to define their own success.

My mission has always been to help people make their dream of working with words come true. Watching our students and graduates succeed in their editorial businesses has truly been one of the highlights of my life not only as a teacher and editor, but also on a personal level. I do a little happy dance every time I look at a new website, read about a new client, or discover how someone’s life has changed from running an editorial business.

And not only that, but it has been wonderful to discover that our students and grads are taking what they learned and going beyond the titles of “Proofreader” and “Copy Editor.” People who went through the training in High-Level Proofreading And Copyediting Pro are doing editing work, as well.

It has been very rewarding to have played a part in developing highly skilled, professional proofreaders and editors who care about their clients and are making an impact on the content and publishing industries around the world.

Why I Changed Art Of Proofreading To Edit Republic

Seeing all the various successes, and hearing from people all over the world who dream of working with words, it became very clear to me that Art of Proofreading was evolving into something even bigger. 

One look at my students’ successes is proof of that.

Like Lakeisha, who left a corporate job to spend more time with her family and to create work-life balance. She now homeschools her children while also running her editorial business. 

Or Christine, who loves romance books so much she started a side hustle proofreading and copyediting them. She has gone on to make a name for herself with indie romance writers.

And there’s Rachel, who in addition to proofreading and copyediting for clients, has leveraged her background in finance to work as an editor for the financial industry. 

You can find Lakeisha, Christine, and Rachel on Edit Republic’s Success Stories page, where we showcase our amazing students and graduates. If you want to get inspired by people who love what they do and took a chance on their dreams, you’ll find it here.

State Of Industry And Demand Has Changed

As a working editor and editorial instructor and mentor, I like to keep abreast of what’s happening in the editorial, publishing, communications, and content industries. This allows me to keep the articles I write and the training I offer up-to-date. 

As the number of people who write books and create content continues to grow, the importance of having high-quality content has grown. That in turn has changed expectations — people want someone who can do more than fix spelling. Sometimes a blend of editorial skills are required, so someone who can consistently be there for the various steps of content creation is highly valued and seen as an expert.

As I started to see client expectations change, it made me think of how I can help my students future-proof their editorial businesses so they see long-term success and growth. That’s when I knew that my business had outgrown its name.

More Skills, More Opportunities

I’m an editor for different industries, working at all levels of editing for many years now. That includes working as a line editor, managing editor, and content editor to name a few. 

Over the years, I’ve received a lot of requests from people wanting to go beyond proofreading and copyediting. A big part of my rebrand is to expand what I teach so you can learn different kinds of editing.

With this rebrand to Edit Republic, I am taking my mission of helping people to work with words to another level by teaching higher level editing, publishing, and marketing skills.

Edit Republic will:

  • Provide transparent, experience-based education about the editorial industry
  • Give an insider’s insight of what it’s like to work as a professional proofreader, copy editor, and editor
  • Provide professional-level, high-quality training that prepares you for the marketplace
  • Teach skills that allow you to work in various industries, including publishing 

And just like at Art of Proofreading, Edit Republic will be your trusted source for editorial training through freebies, blog posts, masterclasses, and courses. 

New Proofreading Workbooks

One new thing I’m really excited to introduce to you is our digital proofreading workbooks. Our one-of-a-kind workbooks were created to give you a taste of what it’s like to work as a professional proofreader and to expose you to working with different types of content. Proofreading is an ever-evolving skill, and you can never have enough practice.

With our workbooks you will be able to:

  • Get a feel for what it’s like to work as a proofreader
  • Gain experience working with specific genres
  • Practice your proofreading skills 

Learn More Editorial Skills

At Edit Republic you’ll learn a variety of editorial and business-related skills such as:


It is a vital step in the publishing process because it’s the last chance to catch errors. I will continue to educate you in how to become a leader in the proofreading industry, just like I did at Art of Proofreading.


This is a deeper look at the technical aspects of working with language, a step up from proofreading. It pays more, makes you more credible, and opens up opportunities. I always advise people to learn copyediting at the same time as they learn proofreading, which is how I structure my course, High-Level Proofreading And Copyediting Pro.

Line Editing

Line editors work on content at a higher level by focusing on the writer’s style and making sure what is written at the sentence and paragraph level clearly conveys their message. This editing skill allows you to work with fiction writers and nonfiction writers and content creators. To learn more about line editing, you can go here.

Developmental Editing

Developmental editing is the first step of the editing process, and it is a look at structure, and flow. It is a holistic view of story and messaging for both fiction and nonfiction content. Developmental editors ensure there is a clear and logical flow of information. To learn more about working as a developmental editor, visit this page.

Manuscript Evaluation

Manuscript evaluation is a skill applied to fiction and nonfiction books. It is a popular skill with writers, who need an expert editorial eye to assess the story and message. Evaluating is a skill that is based on core developmental editing skills. Manuscript evaluators see what can be improved on, what is missing, and what needs to be changed.

Digital Marketing

The best way to market your editorial services is online, and with a strong brand. Social media marketing and email marketing are powerful ways to connect and engage with your favorite type of client. Now that people are turning to the internet for advice and to solve their problems, it’s important to have a strong personal brand and a solid online marketing strategy.

At Edit Republic, I want to make learning these skills as easy and achievable as possible. You do not need a degree or previous experience to start any of my courses, and everything is created with current market expectations in mind. That means that you’ll be able to meet potential clients’ needs and industry standards.


I’m really excited to step into this next chapter of my business with you. As always, my mission has been to help you do something with your love of words. With the change to Edit Republic, there are more doors to open and roads to fulfillment and success to explore!

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