A Look At Working With Indie Authors: Interview With An Editor

Do you dream of working with indie authors? Part of what makes proofreading and editing so fun is the clients you get to work with. The joy of seeing writers achieve their dreams and knowing that you played a part in their journey is a memorable experience. Rebecca Sharpf is an editor who knows that feeling all too well.

Rebecca is a proofreader and editor who runs an editorial business working with indie authors. She specializes in romance, fantasy, and science fiction. She is also a graduate of our High-Level Proofreading And Copyediting Pro course. 

As a fantasy writer herself, Rebecca is passionate about helping indie authors succeed. She credits her writing background with giving her a unique ability to work with books: “I know how terrifying it can be to look for an editor and trust someone, and so having authors trust me and knowing I’m giving that best effort, giving them that quality so that they could put their book out there, I think that’s the number one favorite thing for me.”

I had an interview with Rebecca recently, she shared how her editorial business has been great for her well-being. Rebecca has health issues where she struggles with fatigue levels, and proofreading and editing allow her to work when she can. Rebecca says, “It was just that mix of something that I’m really passionate about and interested in and something that just works with my energy levels.”

In our chat, we also discussed:

  • How being a writer helps Rebecca contribute to helping a writer’s story be the best it can be
  • How her business grew from a side hustle to a fulfilling career
  • Rebecca’s fiction writing and her published books
  • How editorial works so well for people who might have a disability, illness, young kids, or a full-time job
  • Why she added manuscript evaluations to her editorial services

I had a wonderful time with Rebecca, who absolutely glowed with joy. It was clear that she has a fulfilling lifestyle that allows her to set her own pace, and put her health first. In a recent message she left me on Instagram, she said, “I can now set my own schedule as well! Afternoons are usually devoted to curling up with a book, spoiling the dogs, or going out and collecting pictures of all the pretty flowers we have blooming.”

Rebecca’s story is inspiring and shows that spending your days working with indie authors is an achievable dream. Watch our interview below.

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About Rebecca Scharpf

Rebecca Scharpf loves working with indie authors from all walks of life. She is the owner of Scrollwork Edits, which focuses on compassionate, comprehensive editing and specializes in fantasy, sci-fi, and romance genres. Rebecca also loves working with queer authors, characters, and stories, and as an indie author herself, understands the unique struggles and joys of the indie publishing journey. You can find Rebecca on Instagram or her website.

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